Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Or at least I'm going to make a really concerted effort to do so. I was so thankful not to be on call for December and January. It was lovely. We got away for a snowy weekend in a remote little house near the Buffalo river. It was a lot of getting snowed in and getting to spend a lot of quality time with Matt. I am working my butt off to train for a half marathon in April. I ran a 10k in November, an 8k last month, and have another 10k this next Saturday. I ran 70 miles in January and almost 50 in February. I had my longest run yet this past Saturday ---9.25 miles!! I'm kind of addicted. It's been a great, healthy outlet for a lot of my emotions lately. My first birth of this year was a very healing one as I got to witness a mother welcome her second child in the last 12 months and the shock on her face when that sweet girl let out a huge cry because all she could imagine was the stillness she'd experienced last March. Our shared tears have bonded us for life. I am planning a morning of reflection at her firstborn's grave on what would have been his first birthday where I will tell him all about his amazing parents and the effect that his birth has had on my life, on the world, on my career. I think of his sweet face when I run sometimes. I haven't conceived again since last June and we've done a lot of avoiding in that time too. We're both finally back to a place where we feel like it would be ok if I got pregnant. I'm taking supplements daily "just in case." We are really, really, really ready to move out of this travel trailer. The novelty of it wore off once our door froze solidly shut in negative temps and our dog grew to 80lbs in just a few months, not to mention all the mold caused by condensation. We're just struggling to find a place that is okay with our giant puppy. He's seriously huge...his name is Hodor so we kind of jinxed him into giantness. I'm seriously going to try to keep up with how things are going here, as much as I can. It may be a lot of rambling at first while I re-discover how to blog again. Much love to any who have stuck around this long. <3


Julia Spencer said...

Welcome back!

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