Sunday, January 20, 2013

Between the progesterone I'm taking this cycle and the 3.6 mile run I did yesterday morning, I kind of hurt all over.

My boobs hurt wayyyyy more (at 6dpo) that I can remember ever happening. I kept waking myself up when I rolled over on my stomach last night. Finally, I decided to get up an hour early and just make some coffee.

And that run kicked my butt, which is super sore today, though my stomach seems to have taken the most of it. I noticed while I was running yesterday that I really twist my body a lot more than I feel like is normal. And my love handles are rebelling. It's going to add a new level of pain to waiting tables.

One of my bestest friends got to stay the night with me last night since her fiance' is recording with his band up in my area. It definitely did not feel like a long enough visit but it feels good to get to see her. I hope that she gets to come back soon. Also, she may be cutting my hair this morning before I go to work if we have enough time.

I'll do a big ICLW post tomorrow!


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