Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hey, just wanted to share some of the pictures we got from my graduation and our vow renewal in May. We were given a beautiful album full of them (and even a CD with the images with this super amazing photographer almost never does!) I love them so much and wanted to share them off on this last day of ICLW. Hope you enjoy!

Me & a bestie

My goofy love

Right after Nana pinned me

My mom looking very proud

Vow Renewal/ Party setup

The neighborhood scraggly fox stopped by

Our closest family and friends

Our amazing love

Matt's family

My family (minus my mom previously pictured)

Me & my Nana again

Proof that I get even more ridiculous around babies

Showing those who came before us

Me & my 3 younger brothers

I hand embroidered this little firefly on my dress 

My favorite picture of me ever 
I wish I didn't look so terrified!! 

I love them all so much and couldn't choose just a few to share. There are so many more amazing ones I'm keeping to myself too!


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