Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm about to leave and get my first beta. I'm really just trying to expect the worst news but hope is managing to creep it's way in. I was frozen with fear when calling them and then I had to leave a voicemail and wait for them to call back. Now the order is in at the lab and all I have to do is walk in. 

I'm still all crampy, super tired, my boobs hurt, and the bleeding has totally stopped so it's hard not to hope. 

My client's early labor didn't progress like we'd hoped so I'll be going up to the hospital later in the day for a birth which will hopefully give me at least a few moments where I can not obsess over things that are out of my control completely. 


A Passage to Baby said...

Best of luck to you on your results! It's really hard to balance hope and preparing for the worst. IVF gives us lots of practice at it. :-(

Hoping for the best!
Visiting from ICLW(#7)

acoursetothefinishline said...

Hi from ICLW - fingers crossed!

Amber said...

Any news yet? I'm sorry for your roller coaster ride. I know how awful it is. With IVF #1, the morning of my beta test I started spotting - knowing I was starting my period. Got a call that afternoon that I was pregnant! Yay! Didn't know how it was possible since I was bleeding but okay....Then on Monday after my 2nd beta, I was no longer pregnant. Chemical pregnancy. What a roller coaster of emotions. I hope you are okay...

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