Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The last few days have been pretty great. I have spent some time with both my current doula clients, had two days to sleep a lot while covered in mentholatum to kick the majority of my illness, and then got a visit from one of my best friends. I am just such a happier person when my Wanda is around. She and her husband just passed their cytotech boards about a month ago and we've known since then that it was a possibility that they would be moving to North Carolina for a job. Her husband found out last week that they need him to start asap so they're moving tomorrow (Wednesday). She had already been loosely planning to come stay with me at some point and this just solidified it. 

She drove up after she got off work Sunday and left just about an hour ago. We spent Sunday night watching zombie movies and talking nonstop. We woke up pretty late yesterday and just lazed around for a while. We finally got ready and headed to the local wildlife rescue/drive-thru safari and petting zoo. We got to pet some kangaroos (which are sooooo soft!!), a calf, baby piggies, and even two 13 week old lions! Then we drove through which took about an hour where we saw hundreds of other animals, including a camel that did not want to move out of the way of the car. After that we went out to eat at my favorite little coffee shop a few towns north of us and then spent hours and hours visiting with the awesome Mac family. I feel like a celebrity when I visit them because as soon as I ring the door bell I hear the pitter patter of little feet running about screaming, "mommy, Rochelle is here!" "Rochelle is here!" many times before the door opens to lots of smiles and hugs. The hours flew by as we all visited together and hashed out past stories of both joy and woe. We made it home pretty late last night and then ended up staying up until 3:30am talking and watching silly tv. As soon as she left, I missed her and got super sad that we didn't get a picture together while she was here.

 I'm hoping she will be back in December for a pharmacy school interview a few hours from me and that I'll be able to somehow make the drive while being on call. I've got another secret plan in the making but it won't be revealed until Christmas and won't go into play until March of next year.

I'm hoping tomorrow I can talk Matt into going on another hike with me since neither of us work and we have no other plans. And in honor of Halloween, I will leave you with a picture from many years ago. If we actually had somewhere to go tomorrow night, I think I could totally recreate the look and give Pippi a comeback! The Clo.mid hasn't been awful at all, the perks of taking a few months off I guess. Even my period was strange, short and easy. Instead of the usual 4 days of heavy with 2 or 3 more days of spotting, it was light one day, heavy the next 2 and then done. It was pretty pain free too. I took a little naproxen sodium on the two heavy days and that was it. No pain pills at all! Stay tuned for another picture of our smooshing our faces together on top of another mountain tomorrow. 


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