Sunday, September 9, 2012

We have some amazing friends.  The kind of friends who go out of their way to help us out over and over again. We would be so lost without them.

I have an amazing nanny boss. They're understanding, generous, and so kind. They gave me a slight raise this last week. The kid is pretty awesome when he's not throwing a fit and he says the most hilarious things sometimes.

I have an incredible husband. He is kind when I'm weak and has no problem telling me to "shut up" when I'm digging myself a hole. He does so much around the house, works many more hours than I do, and still makes it a point to find some time for us. We had a lovely night last night with some of our amazing friends, some intoxicating vices, and later in my hammock in the back yard.

The weather has been beautiful and I've actually been able to enjoy it some. Went for a nice, long walk yesterday instead of driving to my meeting. It was almost even cold this morning.

I have a great little waitress gig. I get to work the best shift out of the week, get away with pretty much anything, and know that I can work 6 hours and come home with at least $100. I will be going out tomorrow to search for a closer one to tide me over until I get my license crap dealt with.

My doula group is taking off. Our event is shaping up to be really successful. The goodie bags are going to kick ass and our door prizes are pretty awesome too. With any luck, this will be the first of many events to come! And I'm getting involved with a local up-and-coming breastfeeding organization locally promoting breastfeeding friendly practices at local businesses. Even without my nursing license, I am going to make change. I am going to keep moving forward towards my goals.

And boo on today being the day that everyone and their mom wanted to ask me why we didn't have kids yet! But I am so thankful for the strength I have today. That I can just shrug and say, "that's a good question" and leave it at that. I did get some really great advice about getting some sort of geode and how that would get me pregnant.....thanks, I guess. I wouldn't have handled it all so well in the past.

Now to make some delicious black bean burgers for my amazing husband with some sweet potato fries and the new Doctor Who episode!!!


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