Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm stranded without a vehicle once more. This time, it just wouldn't start Tuesday when I went to go run some errands so it's sitting back at the dealership where hopefully it will get worked on today. I was able to borrow a car the last two days to get to work but that wasn't a possibility today since Matt had to be at a training until 5:30 tonight. It is giving me a chance to catch up on some responsibilities I let slip lately.

Labor Day was a big day for me. A very busy, successful day. First off, I ran in the Run for a Child 5k to benefit our local CASA. It wasn't my best time and it wasn't my worst time, but I did manage to complete my goal of not throwing up! It was my 5th 5k and it was the first time I haven't puked my guts up after running. I'm hoping that means I'm super slowly gaining some sort of tolerance. I went straight from there to my local Rally for Change. I coordinated the event and wanted to make sure I was there before anyone else. I only jumped into it about 5 weeks ago so I didn't have even half of the planning time that most locations had. I was incredibly happy with the 15 men, women, and kiddos that turned out to hold signs with me and attempt to raise awareness for better maternity care practices in our country. We made it on the front page of the local paper and in a few other local papers on the 2nd page with a picture too!

I was really excited about it and you can see the picture here too(although you have to be a subscriber to read the article). I was quoted in it and kept teasing Matt that now that my name has been in the paper twice in the past 4 months, I'm kind of a big deal. I'm already getting excited about how much bigger next year will be.

This week has given a slight rise to my mood lately, even with the further car head ache. Things are coming together in my doula life and I'm getting very excited about the Meet the Doulas event we have scheduled in a few weeks, as well as the amazing opportunity to teach a focus session about doulas and nurses at the state nursing students convention in early October. At least something feels like it's moving forward!


Candice said...

This post sounds much lighter than your last - I'm so happy to read things are slowly looking up for you :)

Celeste Rhythm said...

Ah I hate vomiting after a run! My first line use to run me so good sometimes I was projectile! EW

HOW AMAZING that you organized this event! :D And I am glad that I am now friends with a big shoot :D

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