Friday, July 6, 2012

Thankfully my husband got a new job. Tonight was his 3rd night and he seems to be enjoying it. He is working at a group home of sorts that accepts only teenage boys who have had some sort of drug addiction issue. It's just one of the things he's good at doing. It means we will see a paycheck next Friday and a full one on the Friday after that. Money woes are so close to being behind us. And then I can pay for the NCLEX and at least have the opportunity to get a nursing job and bring in some extra money. I am registered for four classes at NWACC this fall and I've applied to two different RN to BSN programs too, just gotta actually pass the NCLEX before they let me in. Either way, education continues.

I've somehow managed to get a sinus infection in the middle of a heat wave (temps around 100) and I'm kind of miserable. Sore throat, only breathing out of one nostril, it all sucks. I'm also getting more and more nervous about our appointment on Thursday. I know that by the time we make the almost 3 hour drive, I will have had enough time to really get myself worked up. I'm curious to see how high my BP will be by the time I get in there. Our appointment is at 2pm and I'm hoping to catch dinner with a friend afterwards (or at least at the restaurant she works at) so we will likely be home late that evening and I will try and update then. I still had a lot of pain during AF this month but I feel like it was lighter and less clumpy than it's been in a very, very long time.

Once Matt gets his first paycheck, we can redo our budget form and make the call to set up the necessary home visit before we get the go ahead for PRIDE classes. Everything is happening all at once.


futurefords said...

Yay! So glad to hear your husband got the new job! Sounds like good things are really about to start happening for you guys :)

DandelionBreeze said...

Sorry that I'm so far behind on your news :( Wonderful news about your husband's job :) Sorry to hear that you've not been well... hope you recover soon. Thinking of you and your next step xoxo

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