Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Still crazy busy working a couple part time jobs to get our bills paid. Matt hasn't heard back about any of his interviews even though one place already had a client lined up for him by the time he left and assured him he would start within the week. He's called them back but nada.

And I'm dumb and tested this morning. BFN of freaking course. I told Matt that next time I come home from the dollar store, just take my bag when I walk in the door and confiscate the tests. I just bum myself out. AF should show tomorrow or Friday. I just let myself get my hopes up since my boobs were on fire yesterday. I joked with Matt (via text) that I wanted to take my shirt off and stick my boobs in the fish tank at the library. They haven't been so much tender as just achey. I'm sure it's just the clomid.


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