Wednesday, June 20, 2012

ICLW starts tomorrow so I'll give you a quick intro about me and then go on to what up in life right now. To read more about ICLW, click on the "Join the Conversation" button on my side bar. I'm Rochelle, almost 25, he's Matt, just turned 26. You can read all the nitty gritty details of our relationship and infertility journey here. In April, I had a laproscopy that discovered stage 2 endometriosis. After almost 5 years of being stuck in the "unexplained" category, I spent most of that first month just thankful we had some sort of diagnosis but for some reason, now 2 months later, I am finally starting to process all of my feelings about this all feeling like my fault. I'm about 4dpo in our second cycle of Clomid at 150mg and, as of this moment, I am supposed to do one more round next month before my dr wants me to start on Lupron (which I don't want to do/don't think I will do.) Tomorrow, we get all our new paperwork to start the foster adopt process. We have most of it filled out already but since we moved to a different county, we have quite a few pages that we will just have to re-copy onto different letterhead. I'm thinking we will start putting most of our energy into that path and I'm not sure what that means for any sort of medical management in our future.

Right now, our big issue is that Matt unexpectedly lost his pretty great job. It was no fault of his and they have given him nothing but glowing recommendations everywhere he has applied. He is actually at an interview right now (so cross all appendages and pray to whomever you prefer!) I have been working 4 part time jobs to make up for us only having one income and right now, it's making me feel pretty pressured to hurry and take my NCLEX and get some soul sucking nursing job just for the money. Considering that I have doula clients through October though, that would be pretty difficult. I did finally get to attend my first VBAC and it was spectacular! I keep hoping some of that birth juju will rub off on me. I have a feeling I will be at another birth within the week too, on top of watching the ninjakiddo until Sunday night while his parents go to the west coast for a wedding. If it weren't for the money I've got coming from that, we would most definitely not be able to pay our rent this month. Since I am working my ass off just to get the most basic of bills paid, I've barely began to think about the hospital and clinic bills in my purse. I did take the time to add them up and then added in what we've spent in the rest of our infertility journey. Right now, I still owe $47 to my doctor's office itself (after paying $292 at my last visit) and then I owe $6148 to the hospital for surgery and pre-op. Thankfully my insurance covered about half of it or these numbers would be significantly higher. Since I've met my deductible for the year and everything from this point on is 70/30, we've talked about whether we should just go for it, rack up a ton more debt in a short amount of time just because it will be cheaper now than next year. I just hate how much debt we have. It's not like either of us has ever been debt free at any point in our relationship but infertility definitely hasn't helped. We have to start paying on both our student loans next month too (hah, yeah right.) It's daunting to think about the budget part of our adoption paperwork right now, even though I know that Matt will find a job soon and it won't be anywhere near as stressful for our bank account to maintain a positive balance. I'm definitely kind of kicking myself for moving into this bigger house now!

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futurefords said...

Visiting from ICLW--I am about to go in for a lap next week and like you, I am hoping that find something...something easy to fix. Something with a solution so I can move from "unexplained" into a more concrete diagnosis. Good luck with the foster adopt process!!

Jamie said...

Hello from ICLW! My goodness it sounds like you've got a long stretch of hurdles. I will be sending positive energy your way. Best of luck!

Candice said...

Ohmygoodness, Rochelle!! Life has been dealing you some rough cards!! Keeping my fingers crossed and sending a little prayer that Matt gets a great job asap, and life settles down a bit for you!!

taradawes said...

Stopping in from ICLW. Hopefully your husbands interview went well! Financial stuff sucks (I'm in the middle of still paying for my earlier failed IUI cycles). If you had stuff done at the hospital have you tried calling up there, I know our local hospital has a financial hardship program that cuts the cost of the bill by quite a bit. Not sure if that is something you would want to do, but just throwing the idea out there.

Also, looking at your journey page I'm surprised your doctor is having you continue with Clomid. Every doctor I've had said it shouldn't be given for more than 6mths (although maybe that was just their excuse to put me on something else as Clomid never did anything but make me a rage monster) Anyhoo, Best of luck, look forward to following your blog!

mrkhmusings said...

Hi from ICLW. I really hope your hubby finds a job soon. It totally sucks that IF bleeds our bank accounts dry!!

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