Monday, May 28, 2012

Being on call isn't all that fun. We had to turn down a trip to swim and have fun at a creek in Missouri since the reception is less than ideal and I just wasn't comfortable being another 45 minutes away. I know I will get used to it, but right now it still feels so fresh since it's been a few months. Just remembering the small stuff, like having all my doula stuff in my car or at least within a quick reach at home, having gas in my car, extra clothes, never letting my phone die. But I really do love being a doula and I have a really good feeling that this next birth will be pretty amazing for both me and the mom. Her doctor is my doctor so I don't have to worry about establishing a good report and he has such a good reputation for VBACs.

It does feel kind of bizarre to be looking forward to someone else's birth while I'm sitting here at 9dpo, waiting, waiting, waiting. I am also dealing with my first yeast infection EVER. I know I jinxed myself when at my last dr. appt, I commented on how I have never had one and hadn't had a UTI since high school. Don't ever google yeast infection and ttc because it may get your hopes up since it seems like a good number of women tend to get them right before they get to see two lines. I doubt that is the case with me. I don't have reason to doubt, I just can't open myself up to it being a possibility. My cat did have 4 kittens and chose to do so in my bedroom though. Can I just take that as a sign that more birth will happen in this house soon? Or maybe we're just terrible pet owners who forgot to get her spayed.

Matt and I have enjoyed some time to ourselves lately with movie marathons and reading aloud to each other before bed. We haven't made it very far into the book we are reading but that quiet time at the end of each day is something I have started to look forward to.

I promise to stop falling off the face of the blogosphere now that summer is here!


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