Friday, April 20, 2012

It has been another hectic month with school. I traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a week for the National Student Nurses Association national convention. I had a blast, got to meet with the ANA president, and it left me feeling rejuvenated. It reminded me that even if I decide not to practice as a nurse, I can still have a lasting impact on the field.

Yesterday I had a laproscopy and hysteroscopy. I am so very sore today and my shoulders are still killing me from pumping my abdomen full of CO2. I'm trying to stay pretty drugged up because when it wears off, I don't want to move. When my dr came to talk to me, I was still really out of it so I don't remember all that he said. I know he said he found endometriosis between stage 1 and 2 but that my tubes were clear. He mentioned oral drugs to my husband so I'm assuming the plan will still be to try Lupron (or something similar) for about 6 months to thrust me into menopause and stop the growth for a little while. They just started offering IUI's and injectibles at my doctor's office so I think that would be what came after months of suppression. My surgery wasn't covered by my insurance so I had to pay $584 to my doctor's office and another $1500 to the hospital itself. We will likely try and get that entirely paid off while baby making gets put on the back burner so that we are starting at $0 when we have to pay for IUI's and other meds. I'm so frustrated with insurance crap right now that I almost wish I didn't have a summer full of births and I could get some nursing job I don't quite care for just to have more coverage.

 But my doula business is flourishing and I am even having to turn down clients so that I don't end up taking on too much. I'm hoping that I will be able to use my nursing license to help the homebirth midwives in the area by starting IVs for them when they have GBS+ moms but that won't be a steady, reliable income. There is also supposedly a birth center being built around here and if that actually happens within the next year, I could see myself dropping my doula business for a while to pursue a job with them gathering skills. I am still planning on jumping into a program to complete my bachelor's after I graduate next month (22 days!) so I will be in school this fall as well. So nothing is slowing down anytime soon.

And I can't wait to actually say vows and show off our love in front of our family and friends only 22 days from now! I feel incredibly unprepared to host a party of this magnetude but I think I will have plenty of help. We are having a taco bar, some sangria, and just a lot of fun! Stay tuned for more.


KT said...

Here from ICLW...

I had the same procedure back in Nov to remove a baseball-sized fibroid and endo (stage 2 but only because it was found everywhere). The gas made everything very uncomfortable! I was also on Lupron for 3 months prior to the surgery to try to shrink the fibroid and decrease the bleeding during surgery.

I paid about that much for my surgery and my insurance did cover it. Crazy!

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