Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm not doing the whole ICLW thing this month so I figured I'd force myself to carve out some time for some sort of update and since the ninja kiddo is sick (and entertaining himself with majjong on my kindle), now seems perfect.
We are 100% moved to our new, bigger house. I am not a fan of my new half hour commute but oh well, it is a small sacrifice for location. It was also really nice to be so close to the hospital where my last client delivered. After being crazy busy with school, I was at a birth from 2pm Friday until around 3:30am Saturday which just wiped me out. I spent hours massaging this mom's back and my arms were like noodles the next day. That birth definitely factored into my decision to get a king sized bed this last weekend and my sleep has really improved.  This week has been my spring break so I've finally had a little bit of time to unpack and hang things on the walls. My sister in law has been staying with us since Sunday and while my MIL was here dropping her off, she decided she would "help" and unpack a bunch of stuff in my kitchen (while I was at work!) This meant rearranging things the way I wanted them and trying not to freak out about it. The weather has been awful since Sunday, just tons and tons of rain, so we haven't had a chance to really do anything fun (and since I'm usually so busy, I have loved sitting around doing nothing!) I know that being an 18 year old girl who lives in a small country town, she was expecting a little more fun from us but I'm just not an entertainer. She was adopted as a toddler with a terrible history of neglect and abuse and has been dealing with the aftermath of that her whole life so there are a lot of things that make her different from most kids her age. I'm hopeful that her future is bright and we have had some discussion about what we could do to play a bigger role in her life.
On the reproductive front, after our last unsuccessful cycle of Clo.mid, I scheduled my laproscopy for next month. I will be out of town for convention for about a week and then the following week, on the 19th I will have the surgery. I hope the recovery is as easy as they are making it out to be because I have a group presentation to lead the following day that I just can't get out of. It makes me nervous how much school I will be missing in April but I don't have many other options. April and May are the only months I don't have clients due so everything has to be crammed in when it can. I'm just as terrified that they are going to find endometriosis as I am that everything will look fine. My insurance isn't going to cover it either which adds a bit more pressure in my mind. Like if they find nothing, I just spent hundreds of dollars for nothing. I also have this huge (semi-irrational) fear that I will wake up and they'll come tell me I'm an ovary short now or worse yet, I no longer have a uterus at all. We'll see....
Also, I let out one of those huge, crazy laughs upon learning that Aly over at Infertility Overacheivers is pregnant naturally with TWINS! after undergoing IVF to get the 2 boys she does have (the littlest being just 3 months old).....infertility and life continue to be so unpredictable and lovely.


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