Sunday, February 5, 2012

This month is yoga month. So far, I've just been doing a few poses when I wake up and then a few before bed. I feel like I don't wake up with the aches that I used to which may just be from the stretching but I have a new addiction for sure. I am planning on trying a hot yoga class on Tuesday morning but since it is just luck that I am out of school that morning, it doesn't look like it will be a regular thing. I am still really looking forward to it. After two weeks of not running, first because of a knee injury and then because of all the gallbladder horror I experienced last week, I will finally be running in the morning. It means I will be sore on Tuesday which makes hot yoga all the more appealing.

I have been just as busy as always with school and work but now have 3 doula clients to add to the mix. It is still a little over a month until I really go on call for the first one but just adding the prenatals into my schedule has been interesting. I am loving how quickly it is all growing though. I now have my own logo and facebook page and hopefully, at some point in the next few months, a real website will replace my doula blog (or at least allow me to just blog about issues and birth stories on the doula blog.) I also may have the opportunity to work with some of the midwives in the area after I graduate by putting in IVs when they have GBS+ moms. I am super excited about actually getting to do things I'm passionate about!

It does make the infertility crap a little bit heavier. I have come out of the infertile closet so much this past year that there are few people in my life that don't know at this point. It has really helped a lot because I no longer feel like I have to bear it all on my own. I have also had the opportunity to really empathize with those in my life who have endured or were in the process of enduring a loss. Of course I'd given anything in the world to have no idea what they were going through, but at least I've been given the opportunity to turn that pain into support, not just let it be some horrible thing that makes me bitter. I'm 9dpo right now and I have had cramping pretty much every single day this whole cycle. I will likely start on Thursday but I have already made plans to see a band I enjoy as a consolation prize of sorts. I am pretty pissed that the Clo.mid has made it impossible to lose any freaking weight. Since starting it in December, I have no gained, nor lost a single pound. I guess that is not as horrible as if it had made me gain weight, but on the amount of calories I take in and workouts I do, I should be losing something. It almost makes me want to take a month off just to get down a little bit more but mostly, I just want to get all the Clo.mid out of the way so we can move forward to something, anything, to keep from going back into stasis. Next month, I'm hoping to add some acupuncture to the mix (even if I get scoffed at by Matt!)

Also, we are hoping to move into a new (and hopefully bigger) home in March too!


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