Thursday, February 9, 2012

I wanted to use my computer during class today which meant that I needed to switch to a seat by the wall instead of my usual one in the back. My computer battery has taken a turn for the worst and so my computer only works when plugged in. This meant that I sat next to a girl I had never spoken to before. She is in the class for the second time so she hasn't been in our class the whole program. Like I've said, I really had to come out of the infertile closet over the past year (mostly so that people didn't think I was losing my mind...or at least that clo.mid induced madness), so it seems there are fewer and fewer people who don't at least know we are trying to make a baby. Early on in the lecture, while the teacher was rambling at auctioneer speed about premature ventricular contractions and pacemakers, she leaned over and said, "Did I hear that you are trying to get pregnant?" Having just started my period about an hour earlier, I was really just not in the mood to talk about it so I said, "Yeah, only for like four and a half years now," and went back to what I was doing (on pinterest.) For some reason, this prompted her to pull out an ultrasound picture from her purse that I guess she had done yesterday, (she was maybe 5 or 6 weeks along), and tell me all about how unexpected it was, (it's supposed to be a secret!), how her husband has had a vasectomy, how she is just too fertile and doesn't even have to have sex to get pregnant, full of smiles the whole time. I went to a place in my head to throw myself in front of a bus and just let her talk enough for the both of us. She then started talking about how she has considered being a surrogate before, I guess expecting that to raise my infertile interest, but I just kept nodding and smiling as genuine as I could.

Today is not a day I am thankful to be out. And I'm not sure I'll be using my computer again for some time. (It did fuel a killer 3.3 mile run after class though.)


robin said...

Holy moly what in the hell made her think you would want to hear about her being too fertile and getting an oops baby after her husband's vasectomy ??????? You are brave and strong for not beating her into a pulp.

BrokenBirdsBees said...

Oh perfect why to connect with an infertile, rub your super eggs into their face. Works every time!

Julie Anita said...

I get that people often want to share stories about these things but man... you were so not the person to gush excitedly at. Yikes and boo :( <3

Slynn said...

Oh my goodness. How did you not deck her one right in the nose??? I don't think I could have handled that!

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