Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I had my first day of my last semester of nursing school yesterday. The instructor talks faster than anyone I have ever met and is just kind of a spaz, bouncing from story to story and having random little bursts of energy where she calls on people. I bit all my finger nails off during class today. No more anti-anxiety meds like I had last semester since they don't really go along with making a baby. I can't believe I have 115 days left until I am done with this first step in my schooling. I have to start applying to grad schools pretty soon which seems insane! I am hoping to stick with my nanny job for a bit longer and just start picking up more and more doula clients. I am putting myself out there more and more and really seeing it pay off!

The Clo.mid is making me feel very stupid lately. Two days ago, I took a whole shower before realizing that I had socks on and then around 3pm, a cashier at walmart let me know my shirt was on inside out. It just makes me feel like a ditz. I am also feeling like I just can't sit still, some sort of Clo.mid induced ADHD or something. I fidgeted so much in class the last two days that I drove myself crazy. I'm on cd 7 right now, so only one more dose of Clo.mid left (and hopefully only one more day of having to deal with these headaches too.) I am already feeling bloated which kind of worries me for what is to come but I am sure we will make it through. There is talk of upping it to 150mg for one last shot next month before the lap get scheduled for late April/early May.

There is just so much excitement coming this year and I am ready for every bit of it!


christine said...

What a great 2011 you had! Way to go on losing the weight and working your way through nursing school. I hope that the NCLEX go well.

I'm here from ICLW (#75) and I plan on following your journey from here on out :).

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