Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have kept myself very busy over this semester break which has meant that very few of the projects for our house that I had meant to do, just haven't gotten done. Since school starts back up next Tuesday, I knew I was running out of time and I am finally being able to check some boxes off my forever long to-do list. You may notice some changes around the blog (and this blog too) and changes around my house as well.

We have been wanting a headboard for some time now but I could never find one that I liked for less than a couple hundred dollars. Thankfully, I have become a Pinterest addict and found this great tutorial a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot simpler than I thought it might be and there is just something about going into Lowe's and knowing exactly what you need that makes you feel like a real grown up.

First you will need to get 18, 10inx10in squares of any kind of wood. I used 1/4in thick plywood since it was the cheapest. Lowe's said they generally don't make project cuts for people but they happened to be pretty slow the day that I was there. So I paid $11.65 for a big sheet of 1/4in plywood and 10 cuts (and only $5 more), I had all the squares needed for the headboard and then some. I then bought another piece of plywood, this time 1/2in thick and had them cut a 28x58 piece to serve as the backboard part (the part that will be mounted to the wall) which cost me another $13.97. I bought some Liquid Nails for $3 and a picture mounting bracket that promised to hold up to 200lbs ($11) and then I was on my way. 
My next stop was Hobby Lobby to find some fabric that would go along with my new black sheets. I would be cutting the fabric into 13x13in squares so I quickly did some math to figure out I needed just over 3 yards total. If I had remembered my 40% off coupon, I would have saved even more money but it was still only $14.97 total. Then I grabbed two bags of poly-fill for $2.98 each and headed home to get started.
I borrowed a staple gun from some friends which saved me from that expense. I used my rotary fabric cutter and cut all my fabric first. I started stapling the fabric to the squares, making sure I had them fairly centered on the front (though if you choose solid colors, you will not have to deal with that.) I just stuffed the poly-fill inside along the way, making sure it was not lumpy. This was the most time consuming part for sure and that staple gun made me hand so sore (and it was super loud.) After what seemed like an eternity, I finally had 18 squares completed and ready to go.
I brought in my 28x58 slab and laid all the squares out onto it, making sure that none of that plywood shown through. Then, one by one, I applied the liquid nails to the back and affixed it to the board. I used an extra piece of plywood from the cut that I didn't need to apply some extra weight to make sure they were really secure. I let them dry overnight and then the following day, I flipped it over and attached the bracket. The bracket I bought came with it's own level which was really nice, especially when applying the bracket to my bedroom wall. It was a bit of a trick figuring out where it needed to go on the wall and finding a place to put our bed that wasn't just right in front of one of the windows, but I finally found the perfect spot. 
I am really happy with the way it turned out and I think Matt was pretty impressed. And of course, we immediately started talking about getting a king size bed at some point over the next few months, but I have no problem moving this to a guest room and figuring out how to make a king size one for us! I hope this helps a few of you to have the confidence that you can make your own headboard too! 
1/4in thick plywood- $11.65
                10 cuts   -  $5.00
1/2in thick plywood- $13.97
Liquid Nails-             $3
Mounting bracket-    $10.97
Fabric-                      $14.67
Poly-fill- $2.99x2  =  $5.98  
TOTAL COST===$65.24

As for my lady parts, I will know one way or another in just a couple more days and then we will go from there. Either quiet celebration and secrecy or onto another cycle. I feel strangely hopeful but I know that there will be a lot of free wine at my strategic planning meeting this weekend if things don't turn out the way I'd like.


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