Sunday, January 1, 2012

We had too much fun trying to get a pic w/ us both in it

I have made New Years resolutions the past few years (2010 here and 2011 here) so I thought I'd carry the tradition over while updating all my lurkers about this Clomid cycle and adding in random pictures from our fun Christmas hike out near the Buffalo River.

I have also been inspired by Keiko over at Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed and decided to join her in living a fertile life in 2012 and take on 12 months, and 12 challenges. It basically means that each month you focus on one specific challenge. You do something every day for one whole month. It seems easy enough. I love the way she laid her goals out in six different focus areas and have decided to do the same. These six focus are nourishment, connection, balance, movement, creation, and exploration which means there are two months to focus on each area. I have laid my year out as follows:

  • January: (nourishment)- I am going to get back to being faithful to my diet program with the shakes. I promise to drink a shake, replacing at least one meal a day, preferably two. I had a delicious mocha latte shake for breakfast this morning (as well as the last few days) so I feel like I'm already on track. This will hopefully help me make up for not gaining or losing a single pound during the past month.
  • Febuary: (balance)- I plan to do yoga every single day. I won't make myself promise to do it for any certain amount of time or anything, 5 minutes, 50 minutes, it will all be beneficial. I find it particularly enjoyable after running. And a nice quick walk in the mornings usually means I am not as sore during the day after a run.
  • March: (movement)- I will run or at least walk every day this month. My first 5k is March 21st so there will be a lot of training anyway and I need to make sure not to use my rest days to just be a couch potato.
  • April: (exploration)- I promise to go on a hike EVERY SINGLE DAY, even if that means I have to get up early. I live way too close to some beautiful trails to not make this a goal. I think it will be the perfect weather (even if a bit wet) and I can't wait to start seeing the signs of forest life start to emerge again. 
  • May: (connection)- I don't talk to my family and friends on the phone very often (including my husband). I avoid the phone quite a bit, even ignoring calls in my lap sometimes. I don't really know why. I will change this, even if only for the month and promise to call one family member or close friend each day, even if just to tell them how much I love them and miss them. 
  • June: (balance)- This will likely be the month that I will be taking the NCLEX and getting my first nursing job. I promise myself to find at least 10 minutes every day to meditate and do some deep breathing. I know this month is likely to be a little hectic, packed with studying and learning new responsibilities, so it will definitely take some effort not to let myself get off kilter.
  • July: (nourishment)- This is my favorite time of year to go to the Farmer's Market. So much variety and you have to get out there nice and early before the heat kills you. I just love getting up early and coming home with a bag full of fruits and veggies and possibilities. So every day this month, I will cook something good for us with at least one ingredient from our awesome local Farmer's Markets.
  • August: (exploration)- I will explore new worlds every day through reading. I hope to read at least 5 new books this month, reading a little bit every day.
  • September: (creation)- In preparation for the coming cooler weather, I will knit every day. Matt thinks I should knit him a Tom Baker scarf (and kudos if you know who that is) so perhaps that is just what I will do.
  • October: (movement)- Call it cheating, but I just really love hiking. I will hit the trails every day this month exploring and moving my legs. Something about just slipping my hiking boots puts butterflies in my belly. 
  • November: (creation)- NaBloPoMo! I will blog every day. And with any luck, we will have more that enough to write about!
  • December: (connection)- I will spend 30 minutes every evening with no tv, no radio, no computer, just loving on my husband. Time for us to cuddle and catch up and draw another year to a close.
Matt is way out there pondering the meaning of life
I wanted a cliche picture on Hawksbill Crag too.
Last year, I improved upon 2010's goal of learning to cook a new meal each month (which I came close to accomplishing in 2010) by learning to cook new slow cooker meals that could be frozen and thrown into the crockpot for long days full of school and work. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Instead, we eat way too many frozen healthy choice dinners. I eat a lot of meal replacement shakes too. For this next year, I want to get back into meal planning and I promise that to cook an entirely home cooked meal at least once a week. Weight loss was in my goal last year and I start this year off 23lbs lighter than the last. It will continue to be in my goals for the rest of my life as I realize it is about changing my entire life. I will be running my first 5k at the end of March and hope this year will be a great year as far as reaching my weight loss goals.  The last two years I have made it a goal to recycle more and we definitely did that during the past year. There were many weeks that we had to put out only our recycling can and it felt really nice to feel like we really did reduce the amount of waste coming from our home. During the coming year, I would love to further simplify our lives, though I am just not sure what form that will take just yet. Two years ago I was hoping to get into the NWACC nursing program and today, I have only two more classes to take before I get my Associate Degree in Nursing and can take the NCLEX exam to be an RN. It feels like it has just flown by and it's kind of terrifying to be so close to so much autonomy. By this time in 2013, I would like to be enrolled in some sort of school once again, furthering my education and taking even more steps in my journey to change the maternity care system in our nation. Last year, I said "Optimism is always a good goal, but some days it seems to out of reach when everything starts to pile up. I just have this feeling that 2011 will contain a lot less self pity and bitterness." 2011 definitely brought more joy than sadness and more success than failure and I go into 2012 with that same optimism, that it will only continue to get better and better. Two years ago, I made it a goal to complete my DONA certification and while I still haven't quite accomplished that, I'm definitely closer than I was then. I got my workshop out of the way last July and my first certification birth in September. Right now, I'm just waiting on two more clients to come out of the woodwork so I can finish it up. I need to take a childbirth education class through the hospital as well. It sure would be nice to have it done by 2013... We hadn't yet reached out for fertility tests last New Year's Day but I feel a little bit closer today than I did then. I had many more goals in the past few years but I don't really find them as relevant today. I will stick with a goal a month and I know it will take me through this amazing year ahead of us that will be full of so many changes.

We climbed down a few levels to explore inside the waterfall
Hope you enjoyed the random hiking pictures. We traveled out to Hawksbill Crag on Christmas day for a lovely picnic and time away from it all. I ovulated yesterday (or last night) which is fun! Got a very positive opk on Friday night and then again yesterday, and back to negative today. We have definitely covered our bases and the clomid let me know it was working. I felt like my ovaries had swollen to baseballs and I had some killer cramping going on (and still have something going on down there.) I added in a new prenatal with a separate DHA supplement with it as well as baby aspirin. Hoping all the pieces fall together. And if not, we'll do this two more times and then I'll go under the knife. Fun times. I think a blog redo is coming soonish. I may actually pay someone to do it for me. So stay tuned...


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