Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It has already been a  week since my last final and I have not accomplished anything. I have been working a ton at Dixie and with the kiddo so I haven't had a single day to just do nothing.

I did get in a couple of hikes last week but just haven't had time the last few days. Check out my pictures of the beautiful trail.

Tonight will be my last dose of clomid and I am definitely noticing a lot more side effects with this increased dose. Mainly just more mood swings than I can even begin to explain with a few hot flashes for good measure. I already feel bloated even, like my ovaries are ready to burst out. Mood swings and waiting tables just don't mix that well but I've
tried to warn my coworkers at least. I do feel like I need a warning sign for the test of the world though. I am still holding onto the hope that this is all we will need and that some how this time is different because I'm 20 lbs lighter and it's twice the dosage. Opks start tomorrow and since we aren't going anywhere for Christmas there won't be any weird sex planning at any family members homes (or the car!)

Stay tuned for my version of a headboard tutorial when I finally get a day to breathe.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Maybe not quite as noticeable as I would have hoped, but you can see more of my belly button and just how pear shaped I am. I will never have a problem with a square torso. Just wanted to post them here to I can better keep track of my progress. I will post more pictures once I hit 179 which will hopefully be by Valentines day. 

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