Friday, November 4, 2011

Today the prompt deals with preference between pen and paper. Despite how infrequently I actually write in my journal, I really prefer it for the more heavy stuff, the most private of my thoughts, especially as this blog has grown more frequented by my real life peoples. It is so nice to just go hike out a few miles, find a nice spot by the water for my hammock, and pull out my journal. I've been writing in it on and off for three years now and sometimes, reading back on things helps me feel so much more thanful for the life Matt and I have today. While I enjoy the community of blogging, it lacks the intimacy of journal writing and the openness you can have when you think no one elses eyes will ever read it. 

Tomorrow, Matt and I are going to have pictures taken with the beautiful fall colors as our back drop. Then we plan on a nice hike followed by week 1, day 2 of couch to 5k, even though we are both still super sore from day 1. Basically, I am not going to want to walk at all Sunday when I have to wait tables. Starting the new year off lighter than I've been since jr. high will make it all worth out though.


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