Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life has been busier than I knew was possible but it has been so amazing. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, even if it felt way too short, where I got to see almost every family member all in one day. I also got to spend time alone with my sister in law which hasn't happened ever! It was fantastic and I enjoyed getting to know her a lot better. Things are constantly changing so I will take you through the developments, one big chunk of my life at a time, if only I can decide where to begin.

Nursing school sucks time and energy out of every day without any added responsibilities. I enjoy a good challenge though so I fill it up even more. I am serving as my school's Student Nursing Association Vice President this year and then on top of that, I ran for a state office at the Arkansas Nursing Students Association convention in October and much to my surprise, got voted into the position of District 2 Director. It hasn't really changed my time management very much other than driving to Little Rock (about 3 and a half hours each way) one Saturday a month for a board meeting. I am lucky enough to get to carpool this weekend for our December meeting. I also have an additional, optional online class that the school offers so that we can get our full time status and I've really fallen behind with it. I have a paper to rewrite and a presentation to prepare tomorrow when I wake up. I was supposed to have a pharmocology test in the morning but my instructor is sick so she had to cancel until Friday which saves me from having to stay up ridiculously late tonight and gives me time to get a lot of stuff done during the day tomorrow before work (and write a blog post.) My grades are lower than they have ever been this semester but I just have to be thankful I am passing because I know some people haven't been. It blows my mind that in about 6 months I will be graduating! Two weeks from today is my final for the semester and then I can say I am in my last semester!

Matt hardcore made fun of me for going to see Breaking Dawn but don't worry, I went in disguise. I couldn't find any Groucho Marx disguise glasses so I had to improvise with dollar store toy glasses, cardboard, construction paper, and kabob skewers. I even added the blue hat to cover my red hair haha.It made the night so much more fun and we made fun of the movie and the actors for most of the movie.

Matt and I have been awesome. We do such a better job of finding time to just be with each other. A previous doula client of mine took some pictures for us as part of a sort of bartering and we had a blast taking them. It was fun and they turned out super cute. We have been doing so great that I started having second thoughts about pushing forward with adoption plans. I am having to wait for my current CASA case to go through right now anyway and since their next court date isn't until Valentine's Day, there wasn't going to be any movement anyway. I talked about it with Matt anyway and felt so much better afterwards. It was nice to hear that I am not the only one who loves our little life right now with just the two of us. I haven't felt this kind of contentment in a very long time.

With all that said, today I had an obgyn appt to get an always fun pap smear (even the name sounds dreadful.) He immediately commented on my 20lb weight loss since I saw him last and asked me about nursing school which I was impressed by since we have only ever met once before. He went over my ultrasound results and Matt's semen test again, noting their complete normality and we talked about what it was like during those three 50mg clo.mid cycles. He gave me three options: 3 more rounds of clo.mid at 100mg, try 3 months of Femera (two and a half times more expensive, off label use, really for breast cancer), or head towards a laproscopy. I went with option number one so we had a talk about the increased risk of multiples and that if this doesn't work, we will re-discuss the lap or maybe just an HSG. My insurance won't cover the full cost of either of those so they will likely be put off until I have some insurance through nursing job, next summer at the earliest. I am not looking forward to double the ovulation cramps next month but I'm hoping that I get that weird high from it again. I told him about that and he said that he has only met one other woman who said she felt like that on Clomid and she got pregnant with twins during the 5th round. He might have just been blowing hot air but his enthusiasm and confidence that we won't need further interventions was pretty contagious.

I got a new haircut last time I was in Little Rock and though it took me a couple days to get used to having bangs, I really love it now (and all the compliments I keep getting on it.) I have kind of plateaued with my weight loss and can't seem to fall under 199 right now. I am pretty proud of that number though because I started out at 219. I am having a hard time sticking with running now that it has gotten so cold so I am looking into gym memberships for Matt and I in the hopes that we won't let the winter get the best of us. And now, for some sleep before I conquer the rest of the things on my to-do list tomorrow morning.


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