Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So we've been in class for two weeks and I've taken two tests. We've covered over 40 chapters in that short amount of time. Add in that I've been watching the ninja (preschooler!) every single day, as well as for 48 hours straight this past weekend, as well as my Sunday shift waiting tables, and it's been pretty crazy. We are cramming in even more this week and then we go to Arkansas Children's Hospital this weekend for clinicals which I'm sure will be intense.

And due to possible poor timing, I'll be surrounded by very, very sick children while I'm menstruating or newly pregnant (hah, yeah right.) This month, I swear the Clomid has just made me way more crazy than the previous cycles. I wrecked my nanny-boss'es 60,000 Lexus and thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I sat on the couch crying and yelled at Matt "Why do you let me take these drugs?!" which gave us a laugh later on.

I swear to post more substantive posts about pregnancy and birth very soon, when I'm not having fear mongering lectures about it shoved down my throat. Thanks for continuing to care about my ramblings.


Candice said...

Sounds like a crazy time! Just focus on you and life :) we in the blogging world can wait

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