Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm really hoping some of my 49 followers will speak up so that I don't have to make this decision for myself. I am really dying to write some very birth-y political posts but I'm not really sure here is the right place for them. It does go along with everything I hope for, but this really has turned into more of an infertility blog over the years and I would hate to alienate anyone. I feel like infertility caused me to take a much closer look at how delicately our bodies work and how our current maternity care system doesn't seem to take that into account anymore. It's definitely helped me to be much more knowledgeable about the kind of care I'd like to have during pregnancy, the kind of birth I would like to have, and what I can do to make things better for other women.

I know a lot of my doula work and love has spilled over here anyway, but I'm just wondering how much you'll put up with?

I originally planned on posting a bunch to my doula site, but then I'm possibly running off clients and that's just no bueno either.

Please help me decide where to go with my opinions! Should I just make a new blog, add to that facet of my life on this blog, or stick it in the doula biz blog?


Shandi said...

I'll listen to it. :p

Your enthusiasm rubs off on me, and I like it. Besides, isn't your blog about you and your passion? Infertility isn't the only thing that defines you sweetheart. Your love for childbearing women and birth, your passion to treat women the way they should be treated, and your willingness to bend over backwards to help your clients are all parts of you also. Don't be afraid to share the things that really get you going. If we don't like it, we'll skip that particular post. :p

Candice said...

Your blog, so write about what matters to you :)

Lora said...

I'll read it! I agree with the poster from above, write about what matters to you!

A m a n d a said...

I would love to read it! This is your blog, post about what you hope for. Your passion for this subject is inspiring :)

♥ C said...

Hello.. I just found your blog.. I would also love to read it and I will be following to make sure you do! hehe.. x

foxy said...

Here from iclw, and your newest follower. i'd love to read your political posts, as it turns out that so much having to do with birth pregnancy and parenting is political. Keep writing my friend :)

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