Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am such a nerd. Right now, I am just so ready to be done with summer. It's so hot and I'm super pumped for my next semester of school. I got a course outline from a previous student and even though I don't have all the books yet, I'm already reading up on the stuff in the individual units. I am ready for births and being pushed to my limits again. I finally got a site up and running just for my doula business and it's just so exciting to feel like I'm really moving in the right direction.

I am also ready for how much easier life is financially during the school year. It's no secret that we use loans to help cushion us since I have such little time to work. I'm so ready for that cushion right now.  My ninja.toddler leaves Thursday to go out of town for a month which will leave us even more tightly budgeted than usual. I will be working a lot more shifts waiting tables, but I'm not sure that's as much for the money as it will be to just get out of the house.

It's been miserable hot outside and I am really missing hiking. I need a nice long hike, a nap in the hammock, and some mindful clearing of the bushes in my mind.

Made an appointment for next Tuesday with a new OBGYN office. It's not that I had a problem with the last place, I just feel like this office is more equipped to handle more invasive, aggressive therapies. Right now I just have to get this pain checked out so I'm glad they could get me in so quickly.

I'm feeling so scatter brained today so I apologize for the scrambled post; expect something more coherent next week (I hope.)


Candice said...

Great site! I never knew what a doula was until I started following you. Doula's sound like such a great thing to have during birth!

createdfamily.com said...

My nanny kids have gone of vacation quite a bit this summer too. I totally understand how that tightens the budget! In that way I'm right there with you, SO ready for fall.
Good luck with the new OB-GYN. I hope they are able to come up with a plan of action that you are satisfied with.

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