Monday, May 2, 2011

Most people who know me out in the out of computer world know that I'm planning a lovely (late) reception/ graduation party in next May. It will be mine and Matt's 5 year wedding anniversary and a week after I graduate nursing school (unless of course I manage to get pregnant sometime during the next few months). So I've already started planning and browsing tons of different blogs and spending way too much time on etsy.

And for the point of the story, at some point during these hours and hours on etsy, I found this amazing piƱata! If I had $140 to blow every time I got my period, I would so totally buy this, but since I'm a poor nursing student, I think I've decided to just make my own. I know I did it as a kid, so how hard can it be. It just seems like it will be entirely worth it to fill it with all kinds of yummy chocolate and on the day my period shows up, I'll just take it out into the back yard, grab a big stick, and whack the ever lovin' crap out of that thing until it just bursts forth with chocolate. Then, I may or may not sit on the ground crying and eating chocolate but it will have been well worth the effort. Is that effective coping?

Last day of clinicals tonight! I can't believe I actually made it through the semester without letting her make me cry. Others in my group weren't so lucky. I am taking a break from studying to write this post and must immediately jump back into a gross, sputum filled world of respiratory diseases. Wish me luck!


Marissa said...

But where are the ovaries?!?!?!

If anything needs a good whack, it's the ovaries.

And chocolate is always an effective coping mechanism.

Amanda said...

Wow, that is brilliant!! I remember making them too...I don't think it's that hard :)

Congrats on surviving clinicals!

Aramelle said...

That is fantastic! I demand pictures when you make your own!

Clinicals are done now, then, right?! Yay! Are you taking the summer off, or jumping right back into more classes?

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