Monday, April 18, 2011

Well I did have a pretty good weekend, despite a very boring Saturday morning making up clinicals by following the house supervisor at a local hospital. There was pretty much no patient care at all and she mainly just serves as an overseer and liaison between all the different floors. I did get to massage a post c-section fundus in the recovery room just because I happened to be in there (it was pretty freaking neat!) I also got to have a very civil discussion about this hospitals new VBAC policy, which the nurse/house supervisor I was following had no idea about. It was disappointing to hear a nurse chime in and say that Dr. H (my doctor) said that he didn't think it was a good idea and that even though there's only a 1% chance of rupture, he wouldn't want any of his patients to be that 1 in 100. It was just kind of sad to realize that although the policy has technically changed, none of the attitudes have. I was definitely in the minority in the conversation but I got to stand up for a local woman whose article was in a magazine they were reading and it made me feel good about myself. I have a 20+ page packet of clinical paperwork and a big endocrine test this week, plus 3 more tests before the end of the semester so things aren't slowing down anytime in the next few weeks.
As always is the case, once Matt and I rolled things over in our heads and used email as our method of therapeutic communication, things are much better. I missed him so much while he was gone this weekend and I was so happy to have him home last night. He is also most likely getting switched back to days next week which makes me super happy! I miss him being here with me at night! I think a big part of our fight was just how bummed we both were that last cycle was a bust. We talked about it and decided to go ahead and do the Clomid again this month just so we can get through these three required months and have the possibility of pursuing something else over the summer if it doesn't work. I took my last dose of the month tonight and now I just wait. I responded really well to it last month and had that really painful ovulation so I'm expecting similar results this time too. I came out and told my mom and my Nana that we were taking these pills. I'm sure my family has all been aware that something was up, especially since the miscarriage, but it's not something they've ever explicitly asked about so we just didn't talk about it. My mom just pulls all this "it will happen when it's time" and so on so it definitely could have been better, but it feels nice to feel like I have them to talk to about it and know that they'll be disappointed right along with me.

I also think I might have secured a third doula client so I can really, finally get certified through DONA and stop doing it for free! I think it will be such an amazing certification to be able to add to my resume and to my application to Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing! Of course, I'm the absolute most excited just to start going to births again. It really does wonders for my soul.

Also, I know it's silly, but I feel like a bad blogger lately....lost 2 followers in the past week. What did I do? Oh well, maybe ICLW next week can help me make up for it!


Marissa said...

I'm glad you've smoothed things out with your husband.

My mom does the "when the time is right..." thing too. As if the right time weren't the first month we started trying.

Lynn said...

Sorry Saturday was boring but glad you had a good weekend! And very glad for you that your hubby is home! I know I hate being away from mine, so I can relate. Good luck with Clomid this month. I hope it proves more fruitful than you expect.

Great news about the third client! That will look great on your resume.

I think a lot of our family members pull the "when the time is right..." thing. They don't really know what to say to help when things aren't working like they should (not realizing that all they need to do is be supportive), so this is the stock phrase that is supposed to make us feel better. They really do want to support us, but just don't know what to do or say to accomplish that.

And I don't think you did anything to lose followers. I've found that followers come and go and it often isn't anything to do with you, but more to do with their interests, reading habits or time constraints changing. You'll definitely pick more readers up during ICLW!

Amanda said...

That must be such a relief to have things worked out with your hubby. I know how stressful that can be! And that's great he'll be working days again soon, that will make such a difference for you both.

So exciting about you becoming a certified doula! I truly admire you for doing that, it's something I've always considered, but just haven't gone for it yet. Can't wait to hear more.

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