Friday, April 15, 2011

It's been a long week and I'm heading into a long weekend too. Matt left today to spend tonight and tomorrow night in Bald Knob (yep, that's actually the name of the town he grew up in) with a friend of his from high school. I would be more upset about it if I didn't have so much to get done the next two days. I'd be less upset about it if he were seeing a friend who actually liked me and didn't selfishly want us to divorce so Matt would move closer. Mostly, I'm just trying not to think about it.

I had great plans to get busy when I got home and tackle the giant to-do list I have to complete before Monday. But instead, I put some tv on and here I am on my blog now. The housework and clinical paperwork will just have to wait for now.

In the morning, I have to make up a clinical day that I missed for convention at a hospital I've never worked in with an instructor I've never worked with. She'll be working as house supervisor so I'll just be pawned off to some other nurse but I'm sure it'll be pretty interesting. I just hope the weather is better than it was today so that I can escape to a trail tomorrow afternoon with my dogs and my new light weight travel hammock. Can you tell I just really don't want to do this much needed housework?

Whether he believes me or not, I do miss my hubby when he's gone. The house is pretty boring all alone and I keep looking over to see if we're laughing at the same jokes. I sure hope he comes back early Sunday.


Carlia said...

an empty house always sucks. sorry that you're home alone. at least you have plenty to do to make it go by faster. hope it's a good weekend!

Marissa said...

Totally off-topic, but I'm wondering what kind of shoes you wear for clinicals. My school requires all-white leather/leather-type, and of course I don't have any of those laying about, so I've got to get new ones. Looking for tips.

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