Thursday, April 21, 2011

Of course ICLW this month falls during my busiest week this month yet again but I'm doing my best to keep up with commenting. For those of you who are new to my blog, please stick around as I feel like exciting things are definitely coming our way.

We've been married since May 2007 and although we were both very young, we started ttc right away thinking it would take a few months at most. We finally conceived after 14 months in the summer of 2008 only to lose that baby at 12 weeks that September. It was a very rocky 6 months after that where my husband and I were separated, you can read more about that here. Right now, our marriage still has it's bad days but it's so much stronger after every single one of them. I've got a little over a year left in nursing school and the hubz does home health but plans on finishing up his degree, changing it to something with film studies after I graduate. All our tests so far have come back normal and right now, no one can tell us why I'm not pregnant. I'm waiting to O right now on my second Clomid cycle. We'll try one more cycle again next month if this one doesn't work, and if it doesn't work either, then we get a transfer to a RE. I'd love for it to not come to that (duh, right) since it'd likely mean having to wait until I have a nursing job with better insurance and that the nearest RE is 3 and a half hours away from us. I plan on jumping right into a master's bridge program upon graduation next May on my way towards becoming a nurse midwife. I'm a super passionate home birth activist, intactivist, lactavist, crunchy to the core kinda lady and after providing free doula support since I was 19, I'm finally getting certified through DONA and hope to be able to work as a doula full time instead of getting a hospital nursing job. It really just depends on where we move to, how much money we need to survive, and if we've finally got a baby by then. We do know that we'll adopt out of foster care eventually and if we thought we'd actually get approved, we'd probably be doing it already.

I am feeling way more emotional and tearful this month than I did last month but other than that, I had absolutely no side effects at all. Started opks today but haven't been able to temp this month due to the respiratory infection I've been battling that has had me mouth breathing for the past week and a half.

On the nannying front, I am really hating this week. It's my boss' New York sister, not his California one, and her children are brats. She just seems really negative and reminds me of the witch I worked for in New York. Their presence makes David very easily excitable and crazy and watching all three of them really overwhelms me. I do really well with the older kids I deal with in CASA cases because I already have this established authority with them but these kids don't respect me at all so it's far more difficult for me to figure out  how to interact with them. Yesterday I was coaxed into spinning them around in the back yard and the 4th grader who is as tall as me wanted me to try with her which of course didn't work and I just knocked her feet across the ground a bunch. I explained that I was just too short and she said, "Yeah, you get shorter when you get older" and then while diverting her eyes to my stomach said, "and apparently you get a bigger belly too." I'll admit, I kind of wanted to trip her after that. I have to watch them again tomorrow night but then I'm free of them so I just keep telling myself I only have to make it a few more hours.

Now back to focusing on "The Grass is Always Greener" with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr to relax me  before I go to bed. I always love stumbling upon new movies with Cary Grant that I haven't seen yet because there are quite a few of his, I've watched 5 or 6 times but would totally watch again. Even at his oldest, he makes me weak in the knees.


Fran said...

Hello! I'm stopping by for ILCW to leave you a hug! I'm really hoping you won't have to wait too long for a family of your own, certainly it may not always be easy to be among pregnant women when you are still in the ttc phase of your life.
Much love, Fran

ICLW #131

paper said...

Hello, Rochelle!

There are so many thoughts to comment to, but in the core, I simply want to say for now that I like you and wish you the best! :) We have more than a couple of things in common.

I have to come back to give a better comment.

Like you, I did not realise this week will be one of my busiest. When I comment I tend to read the About Me section first, then the very first post before I take time to read the most current post. Otherwise, I would not be able to write what I feel is a since comment. But that is only me! I don't ask that from anybody else.

Sending you good thoughts in your journey to having the family you wish for.

My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands


I hope the kids did not give you anymore hard time.

And may you stumble upon another Cary Grant movie to help you unwind!!! I once spent a week in Summer watching films from him, which I borrowed from the library. I am a huge admirer!

Ashlee G. said...

Hey there- I'm a new follower and I've awarded you on my blog!

happy iclw #100

Liz said...

Visiting from ICLW. I also started following! I just finished my first month of Clomid and had some really negative side effects. I work with young children as well, but as a speech therapist so in a 1:1 ratio. I feel like multiple kids tend to gang up on me. Hope you had a great Easter and looking forward to following your journey.

Lora said...

Hi from ICLW! Hang in there through this journey- it isn't easy, that's for sure. I'm a teachers so I know how kids can be. Have a good week!

LisaB said...

Happy ICLW! Thank you for stopping by my blog and lending support. I hope you have a happy ending to your journey very soon! Good luck!

Amber said...

I work in healthcare as well (as a PA) and it is a hard industry to be in as an IF. Everyday on my way out of the building, I had to walk through the pediatric waiting room and look at all the adorable kiddos. :( Hope your journey leads you to a baby soon!!!

Happy ICLW!

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