Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is mine and Matt's first real vacation together by ourselves.  We've been home to visit out parents and friends in central Arkansas a bunch of times, but never out of the state together (minus that one time we went to Branson to Silver Dollar City with our old roommates.) Considering we fight most about each other's driving, I will admit I was a little worried about what kind of mood we'd arrive in after 14 hours in the car together, but after the start we had, everything else seemed easy peasy.

It started out so incredibly awful that we were only about 20 minutes from home when I teared up and said we should have just stayed home and maybe this was a sign not to go any further. We had to take our cat to Fayetteville to stay with a friend and within the first 10 minutes of the car ride, he sprayed, peed, pooped, and puked in the back seat. It was the most absolute worst smell in the world. We had all the windows down on the interstate and we were spraying air freshener into our hands to cup our faces. Then we get to her house, Matt just hears me say "back yard" and not the screened in enclosure that is back there so when the cat begins to scratch the hell out of his arm, he tosses him in the back yard. Out fly her two dogs who chase our already scared kitty up a tree. We stayed for over an hour trying to figure out how to get him out of the tree but only succeeded in driving him farther up. When we finally left her house, we were almost 2 hours behind and still had to stop and shampoo our car. The first place we went, the shampooer wasn't working and when Matt backed up to try the other side, he backed right into a concrete barrier (luckily, somehow not even a scratch on the car.) We eventually got it shampooed out, but then we were left with another strong smell, the shampoo, which smells exactly like whatever industrial cleaner schools use to clean up puke but farrrrrr better than cat pee smell.  I still feel like it's lingering in the car and we've used almost an entire bottle of febreeze along the way, but hopefully it will eventually air out. And we still don't really know what's going on with our cat. I feel worse for my friend than the kitty because he's super independent and I know he can take care of himself. She text me yesterday to say he was no longer in the tree, but that she couldn't find him anywhere else either. He ate some of the food she left out for him though so I think he's probably sill around there somewhere. I told her if she still hasn't found him by tomorrow, I'll call the humane society, explain what happened, and see if they've found him. I just wish I could make her not feel guilty about it. If it's anyone's fault, it's ours. I'll be super sad if we lose our kitty, but at the time, I was just pissed off at him.

We finally got to my in-laws about 10:30pm on Friday to drop off their grand-dogs and visit for about an hour then it was off to Matt's friend's house where I just crashed (and he stayed up until about an hour before we hit the road.) I started driving at 7:30 central time and drove until we got to Knoxville, TN where Matt took over. Tennessee is such a long state to drive through! It was just in time for me to get to look at the pretty mountains and all the waterfalls that lined their sides. It was amazing how blue they look, even when you get up close to them. I joked and told Matt I thought the reduced speed limit was more for soaking in the beauty than for safety and I spent probably an hour in awe of their splendor. I am hoping to fit in a hike before we leave, even if it's a super short one in Georgia or something on the way back. We finally got here about 10pm eastern time, had some late night Mexican food (bad idea!), and visited for a few hours before I finally had to go to bed. I don't really know when everyone else finally made their way there but since they are all still sleeping, I'm guessing it was early this morning.

I am so in love with this little town (Carrboro is where we are). I woke up, showered, and then took off, on foot, for coffee. I didn't have to walk long before I found the awesome little coffee shop where I am currently. Any place that plays Bon Iver makes the top of my list, and this dirty soy chai is amazing too! I am looking forward to getting to know Matt's friends better and make stories of our own to tell since all their current stories are from when Matt lived with them in Prague and I was the worst person in the world. My only worry so far is that we are sleeping on an ikea pallet bed, you know, the ones with the 6 inch mattresses that let you feel all the boards underneath, and my back, shoulders, and hips are quite unhappy this morning. I'm sure Matt is going to wake up in pain too. It makes me feel like such an old lady.

And if you've read on this long, you can be let in on the secret that we just went for it this month and I took the Clomid. We weren't going to tell anyone and I only shared it with one person in real life so far, but I'm bursting at the seams. I still don't think we plan on telling anyone face to face, but if you read my blog, now you know. Feel free to keep it entirely to yourself or gossip about my irresponsibility to everyone you know. No unbearable side effects so far (just a semi-constant headache that seems to be worse at nights.) And I get to be one of these lucky few who experience a super high energy state from these crazy pills, almost to the point of euphoria. I really feel like I'm on some sort of upper, although I do feel cattier than normal; Matt disagrees and says it's the same level as always. I would gladly put up with a headache if I got to feel like this all the time. Part of my brain is worried though that maybe this means it isn't working, that maybe I should be having super awful side effects if it was doing it's job, but since I really don't have much faith in it anyway, I'm trying to push it from my mind. I take the last pill tonight so then I have to be on the look out for baby making time. I don't think we really thought through the fact that we'd be on vacation the entire time I'm likely to ovulate but it's too late now. Luckily we're staying at a hotel somewhere Wednesday night and if our baby has to be conceived in the car in some state park along the way, then so be it! I think this might be the first time in a very, very long time that we've actually talked about having a take-home baby, the first time we've allowed ourselves to even consider that it is even a possibility.

I'm so thankful we've been able to take this vacation. To escape from school and work for a while and envision the life we'd like to one day have. I could see myself living here, raising my children here, and eventually serving women here as a midwife. I'm sure I'll have plenty more opportunities to update, especially if they sleep this late every day so stay tuned for my many amazing thrift store and used book store finds and hopefully a lot of pictures.


Marissa said...

Fingers criss-crossed that your kitty is fine and the Clomid does the job!!

I heart Bon Iver too. :)

Amanda said...

i'm so glad to read that you took the Clomid. So weird about the headaches. I had no side effects from it at all... I did spend lots of money of fancy digital ovulation predictors..that worked like a charm! Hoping to hear good things soon. :0)

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