Friday, March 4, 2011

It went great! I have always heard such great things about Dr. Hannah, but had only met him in passing at the births of my friends' sweet boys. He is one of the only doctors in the area that I know of who really supports natural birth in the hospital as well as provides back up for women who are having homebirths. I know right now he even has a VBAC patient pregnant with twins and he's supporting her vaginal birth. He is very kind and knowledgeable, not just one of those "you ovulate on day 14 every month, duh" kind of OBs. I would most definitely keep him as my back up care provider if (when!) I do manage to get pregnant which will ease my hubby's constantly worried mind.

So I left feeling like we're actually moving forward. I have an order for Matt's sperm analysis and a lovely little specimen cup with strict instructions for him. The only lab that does it is about 30 minutes from here so I will definitely feel nervous trying to get it there as quick as possible. I am so very glad that we're finally getting this done. I am scheduled to go back next Thursday for a vaginal ultrasound just to check for PCOS, fibroids, and any signs that they can see from that which might indicate endometriosis. If there is any suspicion that endo might be the issue, I'll be scheduled for a lap sometime this summer. I explained how I really just want to undergo these initial tests first and in about six months, we might pursue some medication/intervention once the due date would be after graduation. Of course, I'd love to have a baby derail graduation, but I know Matt would be upset and a little frustrated that I wasn't taking his opinion into consideration. We're still not going to be avoiding a pregnancy (unless of course I agree to birth control for 3 months -one of the options this clinic uses to regulate cycles) but we just won't be looking to meds or IUIs (intrauterine insemination for my fertile friends) yet. I'm not even sure if this clinic offers IUIs or if that would just be something we'd have to wait on until we moved closer to Little Rock where the RE is located. All of this stuff with me might end up being a mute point if something in the SA comes back abnormal (and part of my gut says that it will.) Hopefully Matt can abstain Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and do the test before I go back next week for my appointment.

It just feels so good to feel like we're being proactive about this now. It's nice that feel like it's not all on my shoulder's anymore. I also have this silly sense of joy from feeling like I might actually belong to this infertility community after all, now that I have something to talk about other than just keeping on keeping on all by ourselves. I'm still not sure how much of all this will be covered by insurance costs, but thankfully we've got a little bit of extra money to cushion that for now.

Now to go enjoy a few hours playing with my puppies and then an evening in toddlerland (which is populated by tantrums right now and the fakest sounding cry I've ever heard!) I am super excited for my day off tomorrow (even if it is going to be spotted with lots of studying), just so I can sleep in a little bit and play our new video game together!


Marissa said...

Congrats on taking these steps!! Fingers crossed for results that give you both some answers and something to work with. :)

Aramelle said...

I'm proud of you for taking these first steps. And I'm so glad that you have found a good doctor to work with.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad it went well! Yay for having a plan!!

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