Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sorry I've been MIA, but I crashed my computer yet again. That's just one of the downsides to this netbook and it's super tiny (3.6GB) hard drive that fills up super fast. Hopefully thanks to the new flash drive I got that it about 3x the size of my hard drive, this won't happen again. And at least if it does, I won't lose all of my notes and study stuff. I wish I could just blame my computer on the fact that I got an 83 on my test (my first C on a test since starting nursing school). It really shocked me that I scored so low since I really felt like I had put in a lot more studying than I usually do and I could still recite a lot of the stuff I've learned over the past few weeks. Thankfully I still have two more tests left to boost up my score, although they're on the endocrine and then respiratory systems which aren't exactly supposed to be walks in the park. I'm still unhappy with my clinical instructor but luckily, I didn't have to deal with her much this past week since I spent Monday following Hospice nurses and then I spent Tuesday in the OR. Since I do have a fair amount of hospital induced anxiety, I wasn't sure how my OR experience would be, but I got in there and absolutely loved it! It really is addictive and I am already excited to go back this next Monday and Tuesday. I got to see the inside and the outside of a uterus, how long a cervix looks when you remove it from the body, and how weird an ovary looks when it's full of cysts. I was so enthralled with the entire process that I didn't take a single break the entire time. It's nice to feel like I have a back up plan, and another job option that I would enjoy, for while I am getting my master's degree. I took on a little more responsibility in our nursing program too through the student nurses association. I am now the vice president of our school's chapter and I am super excited about this coming year. Next month, I get to go to Salt Lake City, Utah for the national convention and I'm sure I'll come back even more motivated to get more people involved.

On the baby making front, Matt gave his specimen yesterday (and made me laugh so hard with his description of the event that I almost peed my pants! ---I'm going to try and talk him into a guest post if he's feeling up to sharing) and I went for my transvaginal ultrasound this morning. It seriously took all of maybe 10 minutes from pants off to pants back on and it seemed like they got some pretty good images of my uterus and ovaries. From the pictures I saw, my uterus looked bicornate and didn't appear to have any fibroids in it which is good news. I couldn't really tell anything about my ovaries though she did say she got some good pictures of them. I'll probably hear back about it next Monday or they may wait to call me once they have both our results in. Matt was told they would have some preliminary results for him today but that they also send the sample to Arkansas Reproductive lab in Little Rock and those results take about a week to get. I didn't schedule another appointment so right now, we're just waiting on them to call us before we know anything. I hate waiting, but at this point we don't really know anything else. I was super thankful that the u/s tech was so nice and gentle and even let me do the insertion so that I felt like I had a little bit more control over everything. It was also so nice to be staring at one of my most precious friends' beautiful infant son (whose giant picture hangs on the wall in the u/s room since she furnished pretty much the entire office with photos she has taken though her business) and be reminded that all of this, no matter how many more uncomfortable or even painful tests we have to endure to make it to parenthood, will be worth it once we're holding our baby. I just keep hoping that they find something because an unexplained infertility diagnosis is just another punch in the gut that I don't feel like I can take right now. I also keep hoping that we're wasting all this money right now and that I somehow miraculously and inconveniently got pregnant this month and none of this will be needed, but I know better than to hold my breath and put too much faith in that. I'm expecting my period next Friday so at least I'm almost half way through the two week wait already. We'll probably put a little more effort into this next cycle and then after that, it's 6-7 months before we really try again. It seems all the more important not to disrupt nursing school now that I have a leadership position on the executive board, but that doesn't really make it any easier after all this time. Anyone have a time traveling machine they'd like to loan me? I swear, I'll get it back to you before you even know it's missing!

So that's where we are for now and hopefully I'll have a real update sometime next week.


Marissa said...

I love when you talk nurse stuff. :)

Glad the testing is underway (underwent). Fingers crossed for great swimmers!

Amanda said...

Wow, you sound so passionate about your job, good for you! That is really admirable.

Things are really starting to take off, hope you get those good results soon for the both of you :)

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