Sunday, February 6, 2011

 I'm so very glad the snow is finally melting, although it was pretty funny watching my dogs go nuts in it. Cordi thinks she can catch the snow when you kick it up and does all sorts of flips.  It can bring as much entertainment as your legs will allow. So finally back to school tomorrow for the first time in a week, which means we deal with a bunch of long days to make up for it. I decided to take a quick break between homework/study sessions because the week is already feeling overwhelming and it hasn't even really begun yet. I still have a few videos to watch but for the most part, I'm ready for tomorrow which will be a very big day, almost a full 8 hours of school with only a 30 minute lunch to break up the monotony of skills. I'm afraid it might be too much to take in all at once but I'll be there trying to absorb as much as I can. IV skills, I'm all about learning and perfecting, but tracheostomy thanks. I even gagged a few times learning about it and that's definitely not good news for what tomorrow brings (and I get to learn it right after lunch, oh joy!)

I may be a bit preoccupied though by this miserably long cycle I'm stuck in. I sit here, three days after fertility.frienemy said to expect my lovely Aunt, on cd36, wondering what in the world is going on. I haven't had a cycle this long in a year so I thought they were getting more regular, more normal. A few days ago,  I was telling myself, if she's not here Friday, I'll test, which turned into Saturday, then Sunday, and now, I'm saying Thursday. That's really the only bit of hope you'll find around here. Every day I have cramps that make me think she's finally here, but then nothing. I just don't have it in me this month to test, see that negative, and then start hours later. I just can't do it. There shouldn't really have been much of a chance this month anyway, but it's still frustrating to have a cycle this long after so many more "normal" ones. I'm sure the 10lbs I've gained could have something to do with it. Matt and I have plans to change that really soon so stay tuned.

I'll definitely be seeking refuge in the blogosphere this week as I attempt to escape nursing school, even if it is just momentarily. And on that note, back to work I go to try and get a little bit more done before bed.


Marissa said...

Love "fertility frienemy". I hate that place so badly some days!!!

Sara said...

Irregular cycles are never fun to deal with - sorry you are going through one right now. I wish our snow was melting! We still have about 14 inches and it is really not planning on going away soon!

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