Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We are snowed in again! 4-8 inches were expected and we ended up getting 18+ inches! It's insane outside and both my dogs have to hop in the air just to move around in the snow. Boomer disappears under it all together & I had to throw her out in it just to get her to go potty out there. 

Since we've been without a heater since Saturday and just couldn't take the temp in the living room, we relocated everything to our much smaller bedroom so that we could be adequately warm. So now our little bitty room has a tower heater, an Amish fireplace, the dog crate, our TV and xbox, our two nightstands, and our queen size bed. But that means we are all cozy and warm together with a very full bed. I am actually really thankful for our snow day where we all just get to stay in bed other than to make food and go to the bathroom.

I am thankful for my hubby, the human heater, and our puppies who love to warm (sleep on) my feet. And thankful for our Six Feet Under marathon. I'm breezing through seasons like it's nothing. What can I say, I'm addicted! I'd be watching a bunch more Dr. Who as well, but we didn't want to bother moving the modem in here so no netflix right now.

I am thankful that I finally started, seven effing days late, but at least I'm not stuck in purgatory anymore. That limbo is the worst, even if what comes next has been the most painful period I've had since before my first pregnancy. There will be no baby making this month while we try and switch insurance companies but that is good news since it means forward progress on this journey toward parenthood. After the pain from this cycle and it being late, I'm wondering how many tests I'll have to endure for an answer. If it's the course we're going to be taking, I'll gladly go through a few medicated cycles for a 2012 baby. And even if I had to take off the Spring semester, I'd still have some company moving into the fast track and it would only postpone graduation until August/September. And holy moly, it would be so very worth it for a baby. A pregnancy would make this next semester with OB/peds just that much more exciting. I can at least hope.

I had a strange experience yesterday that pulled at my heart strings. One of the girls in my class has found herself unexpectedly pregnant and there is a possibility that she will be giving the baby up for adoption. It breaks my heart for her, no matter how ill prepared she is for another child, but it also fills me with such longing. I would do absolutely anything for the privilege of raising that baby, of raising any baby. It's just such a sad situation and it will be nice to see some happiness come from it, even if it's not my own happiness. Little things that sting.


Julie Anita said...

Oh man, I think if I ever came across someone who I knew, even tangentially, who was putting a child up for adoption, I'd yell "I'LL TAKE IT!!!" before they could even finish the sentence. The prospect of a quiet, private adoption, paying for medical expenses but not agency costs? Oh, man. I would do that in half a second.

So, you know... tell her to call me. heh.

runnyyolk said...

I'm so jealous you are snowed in! It wouldn't how much snow we got here, we would never get a snow day. Snow is a part of our lives.

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