Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome ICLW-er's! This is always such a great week for me. I spend way too much time online during this week out of the month but it's so full of old friends, new friends, and hundreds of comments (both giving and receiving) that's it hard not to look forward to. For those who are new to my blog, I'm just another infertile who refuses to give up hope but is stuck in stasis, unable to move forward. I'm in nursing school and I will graduate in May 2012. Hopefully I'll be jumping right into a master's bridge program and by the time I'm 27, I'll have my masters in nurse-midwifery. I have a super insane (especially considering the stupid infertile part) passion for serving and spoiling pregnant women. It has definitely come and go these past few years but it really is where my heart is, no matter what other pay may share that space. I have an awesome hubby, a super amazing nanny job where I get to love and spoil the ninja.toddler, and I'm managing to survive nursing school so far. We'd be thrilled for nursing school to be derailed by a pregnancy and this year is finally the one where we get to move forward with medical testing (post to follow this week on a new plan!)

I have a little less school work this week so I'm hoping to get a little bit ahead of schedule and keep a very clean house. Matt has a friend (whom I've never met) coming to stay with us tomorrow night and Wednesday night so I have a lot of cleaning to do when I get home tonight. It's a very blah clinical skills day learning how to insert nasogastric tubes (which I really hope I never, ever, ever have to do...especially as a nurse midwife haha).

So welcome and I hope you decide to stick around!

Also, I never did give away that copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility since most of the commenter's are well into the infertility journey so we'll just say the first person to email me at simplyrochelle at gmail. com wins!


Patience said...

I also look forward to this week each month. Sounds like you are keeping really busy.

Thank you for your comment on my blog!

Happy ICLW!

AP said...

Hello and Happy ICLW! I love catching up with you this week every month.

How did you like Taking Charge? A friend of mine suggested it. I haven't bought it yet. Is it worth it?

Miriam said...

You sound busy! I hope you get some answers with the testing and have to put school on hold.

ICLW #61

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