Wednesday, February 23, 2011

That's the noise I keep thinking about as we start to climb this steep incline toward medical intervention, though I'm not sure we're really ready for the roller coaster once we reach the top of this. I finally got up the courage to make an appointment with a local OB. No more natural fertility clinics for me (at least not for now). My appointment is at 8am on Friday, March 4th. I'm super nervous but have heard good things about this guy (at least from an OB perspective) so hopefully it won't be too bad. I was warned that despite his awesome professionalism, don't be surprised if you blush from how super cute he is haha.

I'm not even sure what to expect this first appointment really. I've been doing so much research on my own these past few years, that I'm torn between getting annoyed from being talked to like I know nothing (which I get a lot at 23...looking younger than that some days) and driving him crazy being a know it all. I am coming prepared with a list of questions and plan to let him know that I do have an extensive amount of knowledge about infertility already. Thanks to all the reading I've done on my own as well as being privileged enough to follow (and feel like I'm a part of) so many other amazing women's journey that I will need very little explained to me. I feel like I will have an advantage (and will possibly be taken more seriously) since I am a nursing student. We didn't get our insurance worked out yet, but I'm just so tired of waiting so we'll be using my crappy insurance for these first few appointments and will just cover the costs out of pocket. What I'm really hoping for is just a get to know each other meeting, maybe a quick exam, and some sort of plan. I'm expecting a plan to include lots of blood work, maybe an HSG or saline u/s, definitely a sperm analysis for the hubz, and who knows what else. In my head, having someone other than me tell Matt he needs to quit smoking and shows him low numbers that will definitely increase if he quits, then he'll actually try again. Like I said earlier, I'm not sure if we'll pursue any medicated cycles at this time (although I might change my mind...or we can just wait a few more months until we'd have a june/july/august due date so that I'd be out of school by the time the baby was here.) It still seems insane to finally be on a track that might eventually lead to a baby.

We have decided not to move right now so that we can stretch our money a little farther and just pay our rent for the next few months to relieve some stress. I wish I could pay my utilities ahead of time as well, but instead I'm just moving money around to our separate account and setting up automatic withdrawal so that I don't even really have to think about it. It's so nice during this time of the year when money stress seems so very far away. We are even going to treat ourselves to some new clothes this weekend (although I got a head start yesterday and bought myself some Toms which I love so much that I think I might even sleep in them.) I also bought some Spanx which I freaking love and it makes all my pants fit so much better! It's a quick fix while I keep slowwwwwwwwly losing weight. I wish tomorrow wasn't supposed to be rainy because I don't have school and I was really hoping to go on a nice long hike with my puppies. Guess I'll have to settle for Turbo Jam, cleaning, and studying.

Hope every one is enjoying this ICLW as much as I am! I've already found a few new blogs I adore (but no run for iron commenter again this month), and I'm hoping I'll at least add one follower by the end of the week. Hopefully I'll have a lot more to talk about on the ttc front very soon! And also, yay for my 100th post!


Marissa said...

Congrats on the 100th post!! I think getting tested now is a great idea. Even if you wait to pursue treatment, you'll have (hopefully) a good idea of what you're working with.

And frankly, it took my RE saying "donor sperm" to make my husband take his vitamins without me nagging him and stop using his seat heater and stuff. He loves me and really wants a baby, but I think he either though I was making it all up or was in some sort of denial. Authority is good sometimes. :)

And speaking of, do NOT let them talk down to you! I went to my OB after about a year and she was all "well, you ovulate on day 14..." and informed her that I'd taken human anatomy and physiology and had a sister who was an OB resident *and* access to the internet, and threw about words like "secretory phase" and "zona pellucida". That got her attention and some proper action.

Aramelle said...

I'm glad that you're taking this step. It's terrifying and nerve wracking, I know. For me, though, it was also a relief to finally be on that path. I think that you should definitely go prepared with your questions and be open about the research you've done. If this is a good doctor, he will respect you for that and will be happy to have a patient who wants to be in control of their own care. And don't worry too much about the cute doctor aspect. It's only awkward for the first few minutes (of each appt), in my experience. ;)

EBC said...

over from ICLW--kuddos for taking the next step. it can be a scary step, but learning what you're facing can be a good thing. hope your appt meets your expectations.

ousoonerchick said...

Do not let anybody talk to you like you know nothing. Just cause we're on the younger side of this TTC thing doesn't mean we're stupid or don't know our bodies!! Good luck!

Amanda said...

Hi and happy ICLW!

It sounds like you're at a pretty exciting point right now. I remember how nervous I was before my first consult, but once I left, it felt great to have a plan. I hope you feel the same way. It certainly seems like you have a good idea what to expect, so I hope you love your RE!

Look forward to following your journey :)

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Best of luck on your doctor's appointment... it sounds like you're really prepared.


Summastarlet said...

Happy ICLW!

Sounds like you are at an interesting stage in your TTC journey. I wish you the best of luck with your appointment and hope you feel comfortable enough with your doctor to ask for the tests you want!! Being prepared I have found is definitely a good thing! I was very nervous before my first specialist apppointment but it was good to walk away with a plan and some tests to have least I was doing something!!

Look forward to following your journey. xx

emptywhole said...


Congrats on getting to the next step. It was a really hard time for me. My hubs was there much quicker than I was but eventually I did come around.

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