Thursday, January 20, 2011

First off, enjoy this wonderful song in honor of this post and a great year.

This semester is going to be so much better than the last. Much better instructors, much better coping mechanisms for the stress, a little more confidence, and more financial freedom too. I've only had two days of class this semester and I am already in love with my instructor. I absolutely loved her when I got to spend time with her at state convention last October and had been looking forward to getting to experience her teaching style (which rocks!). I can take such wonderful notes on every single slide pretty much. And I've been actually reading ahead of time (we'll see how long I can keep that up) which has already made me feel on top of things. It's nice to have lecture reinforce what I've already read, not just see things for the first time. Maybe I'll even shoot for an A this semester. I'm still not sure if I'll put up the money to go to national convention this year, but I'm definitely hoping to go next year so that I can make lots of job connections on a more widespread front instead of just local hospitals. We get to do a day of OR observation this semester and explore a few other areas of nursing as well which will definitely help me figure out what areas I do and do not like. With any luck, I'll find something amazing (who knows, maybe I'll get in there and love it) that can help me narrow down what I'd like to do when I graduate while I apply and go to Frontier (fingers crossed).

And don't even get me started about how excited I am about next fall which brings me OB and pediatric nursing class with a clinical experience at Arkansas Children's Hospital! Next fall might bring some sad times too as my toddlerninja goes off to Montessori school and I'm forced to find a different nanny job (or perhaps a job related to my future career). It's just going to be a much better year.

We're enjoying a lazy, snowy day today. I must venture out into this mess at some point to drive across town to get my nanny-boss' dog who I'm keeping for the next ten days (which means my house will be insane for the rest of the month.)

This right here is making it take much longer to write this post. 

And now that graduation and our 5 year anniversary is getting closer and closer (16 months!!!!!), I am starting to think about the lovely reception/vow renewal/celebration that we're going to have. Since we eloped very impulsively, we just signed a piece of paper at a drugstore where there was a justice of the peace. We never even said any vows, but always said we'd have a reception later. And since my graduation from nursing school and my five year anniversary are only a week apart, it seems like the perfect time to gather family and friends to celebrate our love and success with us. I am very excited to find that the location I always dreamed of is a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be and I look forward to going out there this May to meet with the event coordinator and put down a deposit. It also means that I get to start looking for a beautiful dress to wear. I've already found some amazing dresses on etsy that I would absolutely love to have, although it's always scary to spend a couple hundred dollars on a dress that you don't get to try on or return. I have sixteen months to plan the perfect bohemian hippie love celebration. The location is what will make this event that much more special and is the perfect fit for what I have in mind. And we're going to treat ourselves to a mini-late honeymoon after that as well, although that location is not pinned down yet.

It's insane how excited I am about it considering it's so far away right now. I'm so excited that I have pretty much put ttc out of my head this month without any effort. I even put my ff account on hold for now. I'm hoping to do a round of the hc.g diet this next month through a clinic in Fay since I keep meeting people who have had such great success with it. I'm looking forward to this too which helps to keep my mind off of babies (at least momentarily).

TV marathon with the hubby and the puppies today (and I might even do some IV calculations.) It's going to be an amazing year and it's already off to such a great start! Stay tuned next week for ICLW and my first every giveaway!!!


Just me said...

What a cutie he is! What kind of dog is he?

Yours is beautiful too! I'm a total sucker for pups. :)


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