Saturday, January 8, 2011

I finished the first book I've read for pleasure in almost a year, probably since the book Matt got me for Christmas last year, Midwives. This year, he got me a book called The Wet Nurses Tale by Erica Eisdorfer, the tale of a wet nurse in the late 1800s as she struggles to help support her family, at the cost of her own infant son. After becoming an unmarried mother for the second time, determined not to let anything happen to her 2nd child, her father plots against her, kidnapping her baby and she finds herself in a situation where she is getting paid to wet nurse her own baby (although she's the only one who knows that) for a very mentally unstable well to do-er in London. I won't give away the ending, but after all the tears I shed throughout the book, I was glad to end with a smile. The character is so blunt and honest, sometimes speaking directly to the reader which I absolutely loved. And as soon as I finished it, I got a glimpse of what this semester is going to be like by reading a few chapters in my Med/Surg nursing textbook, oh joy.

I long for summer already. We're supposed to get snow Monday followed by two days of below freezing highs. It's pretty to look at but pretty much means I'll be stranded at home if anything at all sticks to the road thanks to my crappy car. It's a good thing I have an understanding employer who tells me to stay home when it gets like that. I also long for more pleasure reading, which won't happen again until summer for sure.

I took advantage of our last "warm" day yesterday despite the winds that just tore through my clothes. I came home from work, picked up Cordi, and we drove 10 miles to the nearest trail. I always write it off in my head when I have more time because I always feel like, "oh, just a mile and a half. nah, I want a challenge." So I chose is yesterday since all the other surrounding trails are 4+ miles and I didn't have that many hours of daylight left. It's never until I'm actually out on this trail that I remember how much it kicks my butt. Cordi and I were the only ones out there so we did a bit of exploring too (off of the leash).

The water level is really low so we walked out into what is usually a lake.

We even climbed some bluffs and just basked in the splendor. It's not until I reach the point where I have to climb back up the mountain that I start to doubt myself. I love that point in hiking, where your body just hates you and starts to sting. I'm still fighting a cold so my chest is tight which only added to the pain. It was just what I needed to top off a long week. And my dog was pretty excited about it too.

So today is just a lazy day. Still in my pjs. Just sitting on my couch with my puppies. I watched an intense indie flick called "The Freebie" which I'm glad I didn't watch with Matt. It definitely shows how taking a night off from your marriage can be incredibly detrimental. It brought back memories of fights that I'd hoped I had forgotten. But also reminded me again of just how far we've come. My hubby is working seven days a week right now while they train a new caregiver and I am missing him a bunch today. What I don't miss is him doing the dishes which I have to tackle again today. 

And now, for a few more pictures of my cute puppies. 


junebug said...

I adore the last photo with the dogs curled up together. So freakin' adorable.

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