Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thanks to Shona over at her PGD (prenatal genetic diagnosis) blog!

Here are the rules for the acceptance of the award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 other bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

So we'll start with the 7 things about me now which should be pretty easy since I once wrote a list of 100+ things about myself. I'll try to make it things you might not already know and find pictures for most of them. 

1. One time, I was almost eaten by a tiger. Ok, so maybe not really, but it was still pretty awesome!

2. After one semester of college, I found an amazing live-in nanny job 20 minutes from New York City and moved the day after finals were over. It was very impulsive but I had my flight paid for, a cash salary, no bills, and the invincibility of an 18 year old. It was awesome. I think of the sweet little girl I took care of there quite a bit and can't believe she's in 1st grade this year.

3. I really enjoy hiking. I have a dream of one day hiking the ozark trail and eventually I'd love to hike the Appalachian trail. Of course, doing either of these means getting into much better shape but I'll be working on that all this year.

4. My little brother does professional body building and weight lifting.  When I left for New York in December of 2005, he was this kinda chubby kid and by the time I came back he was a hugely muscled man. And he's only gotten bigger since then. He got 2nd place in the Mr. Arkansas competition this past year and has also won numerous awards for deadlifting. I know technically this is about my little brother, but still, kind of about me. I just like to brag.

5. Matt and I got married in a very untraditional manner. After only a few months of dating (and an on and off 3 year friendship), we were both certain that we would get married but it had all become a matter of money. Since we didn't even have our own place and had both been staying at my mom's, it looked like it would be a very long time before we would actually be able to afford a proper wedding. So one morning, we woke up and decided we were going to just go elope. After driving to Little Rock (with our awesome friend Celeste letting us use her car because neither of us had one that worked!) to get a marriage license, we found that the closest Justice of the Peace who was available happened to be a some drug store in the itty bitty country town of Lonoke, AR so we headed there immediately. After going in and seeing that the JoP looked like he was in jr. high, we couldn't get rid of the giggles. The absurdity continued when he told us we could do it through their drive-thru if we wanted...and so we accepted. We figured it would at least make a fun story to tell people (and it has!). And now that May 2012 means five awesome years of marriage, we're finally gonna have that big reception that we (ok, maybe just "I") had always wanted!

6. (So, most everyone who's ever let me speak long enough knows this, but oh well) I have a passion. Despite my infertility, despite my miscarriage, despite the real possibility that I'll never experience child birth...I just love birth and love serving pregnant women. I know it's kind of bizarre but I am just so called to it. I'm not sure I can even picture a different path for my life. These books represent a small fraction of the knowledge I've absorbed over the last 5+ years.

7. And lastly, I love this sweet boy. And he loves me. We have such a special bond and it's so much fun to spend time with him. He listens to me so much better than he listens to his parents. I'm not saying that he doesn't throw a gigantic temper tantrum every once in a while, but since I'm not mom/dad, I get to be a little bit more fun and since I'm not with him all the time, I think I'm a little more tolerant.  I enjoy our time together so much and I'd do it even if I wasn't getting paid. I am super excited that he'll be back from vacation this Sunday so I get to spend a few hours with him Monday because I've certainly missed him. And since I know he's been asking for me, I know he'll be excited to see me too. He's getting more and more independent every day and it's hard to believe he'll be going to Montessori school this August. 

And now to award some others! Sorry there aren't fifteen but I had to get to some reading before lab in the morning.
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9. Sara at Reflections of a Butterfly (loss of twins, life after loss, motherhood)
10. Relh at Plans Change (infertility, adoption, now pregnant!!!)

Now to the other blog to see what I remember about fluid and electrolytes!


Curls O Fred said...

Thanks dear! It was great to learn a bit more about you :) the tiger pic is awesome!

Lisa McSpadden said...

7 Comments for the 7 things about Rochelle...

1. The tiger picture never ceases to crack me up. :) (Sorry I took it while you were begin attacked!)
2. Still can't believe you just off and moved to NYC. You have some great stories from there, like constantly giving tourists directions.
3. You should take Capri some time. She'd love it.
4. SO proud of you both!
5. Excited about May 2012!!!!!!!!
6. Your library rocks and I love that you are very generous about sharing it.
7. He DOES love you and is so very blessed to have you in his life.

♥ you! :)

Aramelle said...

Uh-oh...I was just on my way to tell you that I'd given you an award on my blog. I hope you don't mind two in one day. :)

Shona said...

That tiger pic is amazing!

And your brother! Well done to him. That must take some motivation and self discipline. I can't even motivate myself to take the stairs instead of the lift (or should I say elevator - we call it a lift in the UK)!


BBH said...

Those are neat-o facts! Love the tiger one, it was my school mascot, and I always wonder if I would be allergic to tigers like I am allergic to cats. I want to pet one one day!

MelissaP05 said...

Hi from ICLW! Cool facts. I actually got to bottle feed a baby tiger as a vet tech a few years back. So neat.

jjiraffe said...

Here from ICLW. That tiger picture Is so cool! Holy crap. Really cool facts, thanks for sharing :)

AP said...

LOVE your wedding story. I hope you get a big white dress (if you want one)for your five year party.

Also, I wanted to give you a BIG thank you for your kind words on my blog this week. Losing my friend has been incredibly difficult, and will continue to be this way, but having the support of you and everyone out here makes it so much easier.

Julie Anita said...

Thank you!!

So I figured out how this works now and I need to make an awards post of my own :) I have two now, woot!

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