Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am finally to the point where I feel like I'm ready to jump back into birth. I keep myself surrounded by all the latest news from the ACOG, ACNM, as well as some amazing blogs that aggregate all that information for me. I get requests every so often from women seeking free labor support and it used to just cause some unwanted pain, but now it fills me with hope and motivation to get back in there, to use that pain to be more compassionate, more understanding, to be able to give a perspective that others might not be able to. There are currently two women I am waiting to meet to see if we're a good fit and this may finally be the year I dip my toes back in the water (or dive head first really). It was a resolution I made last year, getting back into birth, and with some luck (and money) I'll be able to go through with it this year.

There are quite a few workshops coming to the area this next year, the soonest being next month in Springfield, MO (which is only a 2 hour drive!) but it's always difficult to come up with a couple hundred dollars when I need to, $300 to be exact. I'd love to become a certified childbirth educator or lactation consultant too (but the latter may have to wait until after I'm an RN, I'm not sure). I also don't have my full schedule for the semester yet, only the first two weeks, so I have no idea what that last week in February will be like school wise. I will be very sad to have to wait until July, but if that's the only possible time, I'll take it. In an ideal world, I'd go to the workshop next month, find three lovely births to attend during May, June, July, and August, fit a childbirth class series in this summer too, and be totally certified by the end of the year.

All in all, it would probably cost about $500 to complete my goal, which I could easily make back in just a few births after certification (and which I really want to take out of my extra loan money). So here's to beginning this journey again, five years after I first started down this path; and here's to actually seeing it through to the finish this time. I also hope to get more involved with the Birth Network in this area. I've volunteered a few times in the past, but would like to buy a consumer membership to support them and make an effort to help out as much as possible this coming year. Even though we plan on moving after I graduate, it still seems important to make connections with others who will be my colleagues in the future, besides the fact that I long to discuss birth again. I can't wait to feel that passion boiling up inside of me once more.

And in semi-related news, it seems the VBAC ban in my area has been lifted! Many of the local hospitals are now allowing VBACs, even of multiples! What will we protest now?


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