Sunday, December 5, 2010

This totally summarises my life right now. I procrastinated and now have to rush, rush, rush to get this clinical presentation ready for tomorrow while trying to fit in some time for my hubby (which the T-bone reminds me of....see story below), and watch our favourite tv shows (oh how I wish Battlestar were still around to comfort me). 

As for the stuffed T-bone, when Matt and I were still just friends he had this horrible summer job at the little supermarket in Bald Knob in the meat department. We would talk to each other on the phone (almost every night) and I'd listen to him talk about how horrible it was. Since I've always enjoyed actual snail mail letters, I decided I would write Matt a cute little letter and I drew a big cartoon T-bone steak at the top of the page. I was totally flirting with him all the time by this point but he always figured it was some kind of fluke. He claims it wasn't until this letter that he felt sure I really liked him so it's always had this silly importance to our relationship. And for our 3 year dating anniversary last year, I bought him this silly gift to remind us of the very beginning, of our origin. And now it sits happily on my old school Battlestar Gallactica lunch-box on the bookshelf next to my desk to give me little butterflies when all the nursing school books are weighing down on me.


Julie Anita said...

Oh, that's a cute story! :D

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