Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well, I'm still not totally convinced we made the right decision. I'm actually racked with regret thinking we've somehow upset the balance in our house now that we're outnumbered by animals. This new puppy is crazy feisty and even though she's a fourth of the size of Cordi (our 8 month old Border Collie), I still worry that the new puppy is being too rough with her. The mom is a pit bull, the dad might possibly be some sort of Shepard mix. She definitely has a pit head but then you look at the coloring on her tail and it's definitely like a Shepard. The people who own the actually painted this poor puppy BLUE!!!!! so that she could be in their "weddin'". I so wish I were kidding, but that's Arkansas for you. I think that's a big reason why Matt didn't just go and look, but ended up coming home with her. We couldn't leave her with the hill folk who think painting dogs as accessories is a fun pastime.  Right now we have her sharing Cordi's crate but I know that won't last long, even though I have no idea where we'll put another crate unless we stack them which will make our room even more unpleasant and cramped. They may get moved into our guest room once we're done having company this week. The new puppy doesn't have a name yet but we've got a few contenders. I'd love some feedback from my followers! What do you think she looks like? Boomer? Starbuck? Buffy? Willow? Bazinga!?

I still can't get over this sickness and now seem to be constantly hacking up a lung. Despite feeling like death ran over, I took the ninja.toddler bowling which was a blast! At one point when I was coughing he looked at me and said, "oh no! cough? you ok. you tough," which just cracked me up and made me cough even more. He had a great time although he would have had more fun if every time was his turn. He's just getting so expressive and verbal and I love every bit of it. I always call him a turkey when he takes his shoes off in the car, and now his favorite thing to do is to take his shoes off and immediately start going "gobble gobble." I really just love this kid if you can't tell! (and I really hate this freaking cold!)

I am looking forward to temps in the high 60s tomorrow which hopefully means a trip to the park to tide us over until spring. I don't work until the afternoon so I'm hoping to get a lot of puppy playtime in as well. I absolutely can't wait for Friday! Not only do I have the whole day off so I can procrastinate on my cleaning, but Matt's friends from North Carolina are coming back through on their way home to stay with us another night. I am so very excited for them to get to visit again and it will be nice to ring in the new year with them too although I'm sure it will be very low key since they'll be arriving after 10+ hours of driving and have another 17 hours of driving when they leave the next day.

Also, half way through the 2ww and I'm so bored. Not even tender tatas, which of course I'll obsess about since I always have them by now.  Now let's just see if I can make it til next week before I test and kill the bits of hope that I have right now. Matt and I joked last night after he brought home that crazy puppy that surely this will mean I'm pregnant now right. We let the joke go on and on listing all the things we should just go ahead and do: move into a studio apartment, get another cat, sell both our cars and buy 2 motorcycles/scooters, decide to focus on all the things we could do if we have a child-less life, etc. It was fun and depressing all rolled in one. Do you ever do things like that to try and find ways to jynx yourself in the right direction while trying to convince the universe (and yourself) that it's what you want/need?


junebug said...

I adore the new puppy!! Puppies are so cute. I would have brought her home, too, if I was near people crazy enough to paint their dog. She is in a better place with you. I always go for weird names so I'll probably be no help. It took us several weeks to finally name Othello. Have fun with the puppy and company!

Lynn said...

Oh, the puppy is so awesome! I have to vote for the name Willow. I love it!

I can relate with being sick. I've had bronchitis and sinusitis off and on since September. As soon as I start getting rid of it, it seems to flare back up. Hope you're feeling better soon! Btw, ninja-toddler sounds awesome and like a total funball :D

Hope you're having an awesome evening with your friends. Happy New Year to you!

barrenchemist said...

Yay for Doghters! She's very cute! I hope to see more pictures soon!

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