Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I am having one of those night where I am very aware of how similar my mother and I am. Not just in our rapid mood swings, smart ass comments, and even a few similar interests, but in the person I am growing up to be. When I was a child, I often chastised my mother because of the crazy things she did like raise and kill our own chickens, turkeys, and even once, a cow when it froze to death one winter. She always tried to have a garden too. I made fun of the way she tried to conserve things and reuse them when possible. I was especially embarrassed when she would dumpster dive for produce and other goods behind the grocery store which she would use to feed her array of animals. My mom even drove us into town in a horse drawn buggy from time to time when we missed the bus after she lost her license due to seizures. As a kid, all of these things were super embarrassing but now, these have all become things that interest me. I have slowly become this crunchy hippie chick who would love to have a homestead and live with less impact on this planet. Granted, I like to think I won't become a hoarder like she is (both stuff and animals at this point), but every passing year just seems to bring out more and more similarities. My teenage self would just cringe right now if she saw me.

I am very super excited about the new recycling can that the city has handed out to everyone. It's a lot more space than we had before and it doesn't have to be sorted!!!! I've already got a bunch of stuff in it even though I can't put it out until next week. We're also going through our closets and giving everything we don't wear to the local charity thrift shop down the street. I've also decided to try and figure out a way to start making our own soap. Matt habitually washes his hands and I am still amazed at the amount of soap I end up buying. We're putting a home-made dam in our toilet as well to use less water since the majority of our water bill every month is considered "sewer" water. That includes water from our washer and shower as well but we can't really cut back on those any more than we already do. Matt already says I'm too much of a hippie and that I should shower more often, but I just don't sweat like he does. I'm always looking for new ways to cut back on my spending too so one of my new goals for this next year is to try and keep a list of things that are cheaper to buy at Harps, Wal.mart, or Aldi's that way I'm not wasting time driving to all of them before deciding where to save a few cents.

The hubz is out looking at a new puppy prospect at the moment so tomorrow's post may include a new addition to our family, but I swear, I'm not becoming a hoarder. Right as Matt got up to leave he said, "I seriously gotta get you knocked up somehow or we're gonna end up with a farm." He was just joking but I'm sure hoping it doesn't happen like that. Lots of cramps this month even though I'm a week away from testing. Ugh, this stupid body of mine.


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