Monday, December 20, 2010

I was so exhausted yesterday after leaving Dixie that I just came home, changed into pjs and crashed on the couch. Sorry for the lack of DPP posting. I'll make up for it today by posting two pictures later. It's a 42 hour work week for me which is about twice as much as usual (while in school) so I'll have plenty of opportunity for pictures with my sweet toddlerninja. I also already have homework (well, reading) for next semester! I got an email with like 15 chapters that need to be read before the first week of class as well as a bunch of lab values and abbreviations to memorize. And here I thought that I was getting a break from school.

Today at 4:30 is my appointment with the holistic fertility doctor which will be made more interesting by the fact that I will have the ninja with me. I am still crazy nervous but somewhere inside me there is this little thread of hope that not only will they be able to point us on the right path or provide some additional tests we haven't pursued yet, but that we'll actually be able to afford it as well. Now that my blog is getting viewed a lot more, I kinda feel weird about sharing our infertility journey but that's the reason I started this blog to begin with. I'll keep chronicling our path towards parenthood and the aftermath left behind from loss. I may have to add a guide through all the abbreviations I use here though for all you non-baby-making experts haha.

I assure you there will be an update this evening (with pictures!)


Lavender Luz said...

Oh, I saw Black Swan recently for date night and enjoyed it, too.

Nice to "meet" you through ICLW, and I hope that 2011 brings you a multitude of good things, Rochelle. I hope things went well with today's appointment.


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