Friday, December 17, 2010

We said goodbye to friends this morning, sending them on their way with a few frozen bagels and some bear hugs. I'm already very excited for them to stay with us on their way back home to North Carolina. We are definitely planning on going to visit them in the next year. It made me just that much more thankful for how far Matt and I have come since he lived with them in Prague. I was proud to show off our love, even if I did feel like on some level I was trying to prove my love to them. I just want them to know as much as I do that this entire journey was worth it for the love that we share.

This is a lovely little wooden sign type thing that I found tonight while shopping for my secret santa gift for Dixie tomorrow. It is now sitting on top of our television to remind us daily that marriage is an art and help us work daily towards making ours even better!


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