Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My puppy (Cordi) was not very happy with the hat I got for her, but I managed to keep it on just long enough to snap a picture before she shook it off. She may be cute but man is she a mess!

I woke up early to cram last minute for my test today and found a quote in my textbook that I really enjoyed. "Hope must be as that way it is different from optimism or wishful thinking. When we have hope, we discover powers within ourselves we may have never known-- the power to make sacrifices, to endure, to heal, and to love. Once we choose hope, everything is possible." I let this quote fill my mind today because lately, it has been really easy to let myself slip into hopelessness. I need some cure for the stagnation I feel on this journey towards becoming a mother. And who knows, I may already be one step closer.

Pretty sure the wicked witch will be here in the morning and it just so happened that today while I was in the waiting room at the dentist flipping through a local magazine, I found an ad for a brand new holistic based fertility clinic right here in my town. They offer a full hormone panel and other blood tests relating to fertility as well as offer acupuncture and chiropractic care geared towards increasing fertility. I went to set up an appointment on their website as soon as I got home and hopefully I'll get a call sometime this week and the appt. will be sometime within the next two weeks. It may amount to nothing. It may be something I like but just can't afford right now. It may end up being just what I need. Either way, I have hope right now that we are headed in a forward motion.


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