Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not a single lecture day left this semester. If I can just get through this next test and the final, along with 3 clinical days (after today), I will be A FOURTH OF THE WAY DONE!!!!! I just might make it through with an A even, especially if I rocked the 25 page major care plan which counts for 6% of my entire grade. I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning yesterday finishing it only to go to print it out and have the format totally go bonkers! It went from being 25 pages to 145! I had a mini-breakdown but managed to fix it just in time.

I am so ready for a couple days off but I desperately wish I could just stay home and clean instead of travelling home. It's probably sad that I am looking forward to a few days of deep cleaning during the week I'm on vacation from my nanny job next month but I really am. My house has been neglected just like every thing else in my life this past semester. The door to our guest room fell off the hinges about a month ago and still sits leaning up against the wall, only half connected. Not to mention that my guest bed is covered in clean clothes that have never made it to a hanger. We won't even talk about my bathroom. But I just feel the need to super clean everything in the hopes that we'll have some visitors next month.

I take surveys online for money and the one from last week made me want to throw my computer! It started out with a nice big "are you pregnant?" followed by "do you plan on becoming pregnant?" and "when do you plan on becoming pregnant?" which had some lovely time frames to choose from. I told Matt I was just going to check 6 months to a year and that meant that it would be so. (don't you just love my logic?) If only that place knew that it just doesn't always go as planned.

Busy day today of nanny-ing, then the dentist, court for CASA (court appointed special advocates for children in foster care), then showing up to clinicals two hours late. All I want to do is go back to sleep for a few hours but it's just never in the cards so off I go!


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