Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am supposed to be listening some (boring!) Kaplan salesperson tell me how awesome her program is and how glad we'll be that we were forced to buy their product and testing. Instead, I'll use my outlet here.

I finally have one test out of the way. I have one test or quiz each week for the next few weeks so it will be hard to put as much time into studying that material like I did for this test. Hours upon hours of studying and I still think I got a B. I'll deal with that, but I really would have expected an A out of all the time I put in. I still haven't received my grade, but I know I was sure of about 81 of the 100 questions. I absolutely hated the collaborative testing that we had to do following the test. It consisted of random groups of 6 completing one scan-tron on the same test. I got appointed the team leader which I really, really hated and as if that wasn't bad enough, one of the people in my class that makes me want to bang my head against the wall was in my group as well.

I passed both of my validations too, but mostly out of pure luck, rather than skill. I am not even opening up a book tonight just because I desperately need a break.

Yesterday was one of those days where I really wished I could have just crawled back in bed. My alarm didn't go off so I woke up later than planned. Then, I got to the car and realized the power steering had totally gotten out so I had to quickly take Matt's car. I then tripped down the stairs coming from the parking deck on my way into school. Matt got really upset because by taking his car, I made it impossible for him to attend the necessary training he needed for his job. Fighting in-sued quickly followed by making up. So now without a car, I'm totally dependent on class mates to get to and from school most days.

I'm actually kind of stressing out about getting to work today because I left my phone at home and have no idea what Matt's number is (than you technology!) Even if I do make it home in time to have him take me to work, I do not have a ride home until an hour after I get off. It will be interesting to see if I can make this work this week. They'll be leaving on Monday for Europe and by th5e time they get back, we should have our car fixed, or at least the situation better worked out.

Sunday night was wonderful. After working at Dixie during the day and spending a few hours as Border's studying, N invited Matt and I over to their house for a few drinks. N's husband and Matt have a lot of similar interests and I know Matt really enjoyed being able to have someone to bounce that stuff off of. They share obscure movie tastes which Matt could talk about forever and ever. It was nice to see Matt enjoy spending time with a person other than me. I love him sooo very much, but I can't provide all the social stimulus he needs, especially now that I'm in school. I definitely hope that we'll all four be hanging out a lot more these next two years.

This lady is still talking and I would love to bilaterally palpate her carotids to shut her up. I am just cranky and in dire need of a break from school after the brain frying test this morning. Back into lecture tomorrow, which I never thought I'd actually look forward to but after 2 validations and a test in a row, it seems like a break.

5 days.


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