Friday, September 24, 2010

Until I graduate. When you say it that way, it doesn't seem like that long! And I found an awesome program with Frontier Midwifery School that is an associate degree nurse to masters program bridge. It's 12 months of baccalaureate class and then I can dive right into one of their masters programs. They offer both nurse midwifery and nurse practitioner programs, but I may end up trying to complete both if I can't make a decision by then. I am excited that clinicals start a month from today

Big test Monday and I've been studying to the point of brain fry every day for the past week. Working two 10-2 shifts this weekend and studying in the evenings. And then yummy food at Greenhouse Grill with new friends N and her hubby J (who has a lot in common with Matt and they actually seem to get along really well!) on Monday to celebrate another test down.

Hopefully someone will decide to buy our car this weekend. It's up on craigslist for $500 obo because I want it to go fast!

Can I just be done with school already? I want awesome insurance and money to fill our home with babies and children. I'm ready to be a family. Ugh. It will be so great one day.


Amanda said...

i just tagged you in my blog today - come check it out and play along!!

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