Friday, August 20, 2010

I figure if I can find the strength to break habits involved in frantically trying to conceive for so years, then I can figure out how to slowly work in new habits into my life as well.

This morning, I woke up early, worked out, and then, made coffee and some eggs. I showered and didn't just throw my hair into a braid and ponytail. If I can manage to make that into a habit, my days will be much better. Working out in the morning doesn't take away my afternoon fatigue, but it does improve my mood and make me feel a lot less stressed out. I recently won two Fertility yoga balls from a friend's blog that she got to review for Well I got them in the mail yesterday and decided to test them out post workout this morning. I just incorporated it into my cool down and loved it. Even if all I have control of in this world is my breathing, at least it's something. Those few moments of control make the rest of the day easier. Besides, working out is totally going to help me get back on track with I am determined to end this semester at least 20 pounds lighter (and hopefully not from our lack of food $$).

I have to wake up early and take my CPR for the professional rescuer class in the morning, then I'm going to get some more reading down in advance for the week. And I just got the news that approximately one month from now I should get my first part of my financial aid disbursement, so if we can just make it through this next month, then we should be able to manage for the whole semester. There will definitely be a budget post coming up soon.


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