Thursday, August 26, 2010

I think I've read about 15 chapters this week so far. My mind is full of new information and I just don't know how I'm going to be able to remember all of this stuff for the rest of my life. It seems like way too much. I've worked every single evening except Monday and it's definitely making things much more difficult.

I overslept about an hour this morning and had to get ready and get to school in less than 25 minutes. Somehow I managed, but not without getting in trouble by a security guy for going wayyy too fast in the parking deck.

Luckily, I have Saturday to get started on my study guide and hopefully go through all the student objectives we've covered so far. There's so much material covered in this first exam, but it does slow down a bit after that. There's just a lot more clinical practice and hands on skill days after the first exam, besides having to prepare for our drug calculations test.

On another high note, Matt most likely got a great job as an aide to a wheelchair bound teenage boy. It's 40 hours a week and it pays at least $10/hour. Once he starts getting some money coming in, I'll probably work a lot less with my lovely little toddler ninja which is sad, but I'll still see him at least once a week for sure.

My school money should come in about a month from now and then we'll be super set for a good long while. Besides, we also have $300 coming to us after labor day weekend since we'll be keeping the toddler ninja from Saturday morning to Monday morning. It will definitely be an adventure.


cpdendy said...

I know exactly what you mean about the overload of information. You always feel like you'll never be able to remember it all, but soon it will become second nature to you. You'll be so surprised as to how much you actually know!

And I can feel your money troubles too! I know that we are blessed, and with each paycheck we are able to pay our bills, but with only about $60 leftover to buy food for 3 people for 2 weeks until the next paycheck. It's so discouraging to keep repeating the same meals, same routines over and over again, telling friends "no" when they invite you out... ugh! I am so ready to start my new job! I accepted the job on Aug. 12th, and don't start until Sept. 20th. That means we still have to make 2 more house payments before I get a paycheck!

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